Thursday, 4 July 2013

in the bag

....just like Andy Murray, it's taken me a long time to get going....

I have, though, got myself a 2:1 degree - Fine Art with Drawing Practice.

I'm very happy. having always had a bit of a complex after dropping out almost 25 years ago, it's given me a real sense of achievement and completion. I am a finisher after all!

I couldn't have done the course without the generosity of my late Dad, my wonderful family and supportive friends.

if anyone fancies a productive midlife crisis, I'd recommend a degree course!

I'm deciding how to combine my drawing with writing and the other things I do and am looking forward to a summer of festivals and fun!


Gill said...

Ooooh, first one to jump up and down and shout "Bravo"!!! Well probably not first overall, but first one here at any rate.

Well done...hearty congrats and much applause.

hausfrau said...

Many congratulations, well done you!

Sue Gaskin said...

Awesome achievement and well done for being all your hard work - Now to take a breather and enjoy life a little!