Sunday, 6 January 2013

so far so good

2013 has started with a week of small achievements.  I've exercised every day - alternating the NHS running podcast with a walk of some description.  I'm taking a slightly different approach to resolutions this year.  I am going to try to start a new thing each week.  This week has been, guess what - exercise. 

Each week, as long as I remember, I plan to start a new resolution in the hope that by February, a couple of them will have 'stuck'.

Next week, as well as the exercise, I am going to focus on liquids - no alcohol, more water, less caffeine.

Isn't there something about tomorrow being the most depressing Monday of the year?  Or is that next Monday - I can never remember.  What I have been reminded of, however, is how good running/exercise makes me feel.  I wish that on the frequent occasions I give up on running/exercising/cycling/walking etc, my inner memory prompter would let me know that if I stop I will feel more rubbish than if I carry on.

I think I must have some kind of endorphin imbalance.  The difference between my overall sense of wellbeing on an exercise day (especially running) and a non-exercise day is quite staggering.  Maybe it's because I've accompanied this exercise business with a fortnight of lolling about but I do feel as if I'm ready for the rushing about that will inevitably start again tomorrow morning.

Good luck for the first proper week of the year....

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Only Me said...

My running has temporarily ground to a halt, due to lurg, and I'm feeling very twitchy, as I want to get back to it, especially as I now have my new CDs downloaded onto my Ipod. Defintely feel SO much better with an exercise routine.