Friday, 4 January 2013

back to the beginning

The tree is bare, the cards are in a pile, the lights are back in their box alongside our festive trinkets.  That's it.  There are officially no weekday pyjama days left until the second week of February. 

I'm expecting a tough week.  Everyone back to their daily routine - for a whole week.  Mostly in the dark.  I think my priority will be providing a lot of comfort food.  Alongside culinary provisions I am going to try and be a vision of calm and serenity whilst everyone else gets over-tired and emotional by Thursday.  This may be a challenge as I'm not the calmest or most serene member of our family.

Serenity is one of the personality traits I am trying to concentrate on for the new year.  I spent far too much of 2012 teeth-gnashing and worry-beading.  Neither of which are productive.

Other resolutions include:

- not saying mean things about newsreaders or other television presenters
- not arguing with the radio/tv presenters/newsreaders

I think I make the same resolutions each year.  Perhaps I should accept the aspects of my personality that aren't quite up there with perfection? 

I am, however, going to try my very best to be one of those people who puts things away.  I am quite tidy these days but, really, only in relation to making piles.  I am rubbish at putting things back in the same place and I never factor in clearing away if I'm working on something whether it's cooking or sewing or doing some work for college.  I always have to tidy up before I start anything which, I have realised, makes it much more difficult to start things.

I need to start a lot of things.  


Only Me said...

Tidying for me seems to be making neat little piles everywhere, but it is nice to have taken down the trees, vacummed up the needles and prepare for a new shiney week on Monday. Meltdown expected by about Wednesday .....

hausfrau said...

Decorations will be down by Sunday evening but probably not put away in the attic for another week! Eldest is back to uni on Sunday, and Youngest to school on Monday, but Husband is staying at home... Not sure how this is going to work out - may need a cuppa out!