Thursday, 4 July 2013

in the bag

....just like Andy Murray, it's taken me a long time to get going....

I have, though, got myself a 2:1 degree - Fine Art with Drawing Practice.

I'm very happy. having always had a bit of a complex after dropping out almost 25 years ago, it's given me a real sense of achievement and completion. I am a finisher after all!

I couldn't have done the course without the generosity of my late Dad, my wonderful family and supportive friends.

if anyone fancies a productive midlife crisis, I'd recommend a degree course!

I'm deciding how to combine my drawing with writing and the other things I do and am looking forward to a summer of festivals and fun!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


I've been absent, I know.  I'm going to be absent a little longer and might well migrate elsewhere.

At the moment, I am mostly spending my bloglife over at in preparation for the degree show.

I am having a minimalist, conceptual moment - exploring time through drawing. 

It feels a world away from my original (and still existing) fabric/craft/knitting/crochet work. 

My degree show will be made from work created between 13.4.13 and 13.5.13.

 And then it will be done.  Three years gone.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

5:2 diet

Having seen this latest diet 'programme' pop up over fb and the blogosphere quite regularly over the last few weeks, I thought I'd give it a try.

Instead of eating as I normally would, I am choosing, instead to eat 5 portions instead of my regular 2 except on the days when I reverse this to eat 2 portions instead of the 5.  I think this is helping to regulate my metabolism and giving my body the time and space it needs to process the fuel I am taking in.

Oh no, silly me, what I should really be doing is STARVING myself two days a week  but it's OK because I get to choose which days I starve.

What twaddle...

There have been moments during my adult life when I have either been told directly that I was fat or been given that slightly pitying 'oh dear, you're a bit flabby aren't you', glance or, indeed, heard the classic 'you have such a pretty face'.  I was, I might add no larger than a size 12 until I was 30.

I'm 45 so shouldn't really have a blog called projectforty - I'm way beyond that.  I'm bigger than I would like to be but there's far too much other stuff to be getting on with than obsessing about the shape of my bingo wings or counting how many Maltesers I can have.  What I need to do is be healthy and fit.  It doesn't really matter that much if I look like a twig or not, no-one is that interested, least of all me.  What matters for me now is making sure that I can do the things I want to do for as long as I want to do them - I don't want to outrun an 18 year old.   I certainly don't want to look like one.  All that messing about with lashes, fake tan and nails - dear me.  How do they have time to go out and have a good time?

The basic fact of the matter is - the more food we eat and the less we move about, the fatter and flabbier we get.  The less food and the more we move about, the thinner we get.

No amount of fiddling the figures and eating here and there on a Monday or a Friday is going to make the slightest bit of difference apart from making us think about and crave the food we have been told we can't have.  Just daft.

So, here's the plan - fewer hobnobs, a bit less caffeine, back on the running programme and maybe a few more salads.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

have a look here...

....some new, minimalist work for Render, an exhibition I'm participating in as part of my final year studies is posted over on facebook here

And at my new blog, immaterialpractice

We didn't open on Saturday because of the weather, and our private view is planned for Monday.  We shall see what the weather does.

Monday, 14 January 2013

this and that

I've had an interesting time since my last post:

- I took my car on its first road trip up the M5/M6

- I've been 34 storeys above the Liver Building

- I've had a momentous family reunion

- I've seen this

- I've been promoting this

and I liked this:

I wonder why?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

there's no alternative...

...I'll have to sleep in June.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

so far so good

2013 has started with a week of small achievements.  I've exercised every day - alternating the NHS running podcast with a walk of some description.  I'm taking a slightly different approach to resolutions this year.  I am going to try to start a new thing each week.  This week has been, guess what - exercise. 

Each week, as long as I remember, I plan to start a new resolution in the hope that by February, a couple of them will have 'stuck'.

Next week, as well as the exercise, I am going to focus on liquids - no alcohol, more water, less caffeine.

Isn't there something about tomorrow being the most depressing Monday of the year?  Or is that next Monday - I can never remember.  What I have been reminded of, however, is how good running/exercise makes me feel.  I wish that on the frequent occasions I give up on running/exercising/cycling/walking etc, my inner memory prompter would let me know that if I stop I will feel more rubbish than if I carry on.

I think I must have some kind of endorphin imbalance.  The difference between my overall sense of wellbeing on an exercise day (especially running) and a non-exercise day is quite staggering.  Maybe it's because I've accompanied this exercise business with a fortnight of lolling about but I do feel as if I'm ready for the rushing about that will inevitably start again tomorrow morning.

Good luck for the first proper week of the year....

Friday, 4 January 2013

back to the beginning

The tree is bare, the cards are in a pile, the lights are back in their box alongside our festive trinkets.  That's it.  There are officially no weekday pyjama days left until the second week of February. 

I'm expecting a tough week.  Everyone back to their daily routine - for a whole week.  Mostly in the dark.  I think my priority will be providing a lot of comfort food.  Alongside culinary provisions I am going to try and be a vision of calm and serenity whilst everyone else gets over-tired and emotional by Thursday.  This may be a challenge as I'm not the calmest or most serene member of our family.

Serenity is one of the personality traits I am trying to concentrate on for the new year.  I spent far too much of 2012 teeth-gnashing and worry-beading.  Neither of which are productive.

Other resolutions include:

- not saying mean things about newsreaders or other television presenters
- not arguing with the radio/tv presenters/newsreaders

I think I make the same resolutions each year.  Perhaps I should accept the aspects of my personality that aren't quite up there with perfection? 

I am, however, going to try my very best to be one of those people who puts things away.  I am quite tidy these days but, really, only in relation to making piles.  I am rubbish at putting things back in the same place and I never factor in clearing away if I'm working on something whether it's cooking or sewing or doing some work for college.  I always have to tidy up before I start anything which, I have realised, makes it much more difficult to start things.

I need to start a lot of things.  

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

on the doorstep

Photo: Two new things for the new year. Walking AND sunshine. 

sunshine, a fast flowing river and a new year walk

little miss sunshine

Happy New Year to one and all - welcome to 2013.

I find myself listening to Melvyn Bragg's series on culture this morning.  Last new year his series on writing became part of my dissertation so thought I'd pop him on as I contemplate the new year.  I like to listen to MB every so often.  Sometimes I can't quite drag my intellect up to his heady heights but giving it a go makes me feela little more clever than I am.

We had a very abstemious new year's eve - a curry, The Hunger Games and silly card games with the kids.  The plan was to get up early today to take a trip to see the New Year's Parade in Londinium.  We got up early, managed our bacon and eggs and then took ourselves back to bed for a few hours instead.  Despite my initial disappointment at our willingness to crawl back to our duvets instead of hitting the M4, I'm quite pleased. 

The sun is out.

There is not a cloud to be seen.

I can see all the cobwebs I missed before Christmas as the low sunshine pushes its way through my less than sparkling windows.

I don't think it is going to rain.

This is a good thing.

2013 is going to be a busy year.  I need the sunshine and some clear skies to help me along the way.