Sunday, 30 December 2012

queue Annie Lennox... comes the rain again.

I have been watching the weather from my standard inert position - the sofa in our kitchen - for the last couple of days.  The sun is trying to do its job today but the rain still comes. 

We had a sociable Christmas - lots of family, lots of food, lots of games (sober and, hic, otherwise).  It was all very festive and jolly.  The turkey was delicious and the ham made the best carbonara as well as doing its duty on Christmas Eve.

We have, I suspect, though become the laziest family in Wiltshire, if not the South West.

E & I managed to take ourselves to Swindon's Orbital yesterday - a mammoth shopping centre where you could live quite happily if you happened to be there when Armageddon struck - there is a gargantuan Asda, a massive New Look, a serviceable M&S, a Boots, a Next and a Homebase. 

M&S looked as if retail locusts had ransacked the joint.  Nothing to buy but some sad looking prints and some scary gold Christmas cards.  I think I managed to persuade E that sales are just full of stuff that nobody wants anymore.   I had some items to return but will wait for a while to use my gift receipts.

The Worker took J out for their traditional Christmas football outing.  I think they had a good day but the football wasn't up to scratch.

We all seem to be much happier loafing about in our various elasticated waisted clothing.

I am just about getting to the point where my own personal inertia is starting to grate and I can feel lists and recycling and shredding coming on.

I've got some good stuff to look forward to right at the beginning of 2013 - a trip oop North in the next week or so and a college study trip to Krakow at the end of the month.  There's also the small matter of a tax return and a group exhibition to prepare for. 

It's time to get off the sofa.


Only Me said...

We've had lots of food, family and fun too but I do feel myself twitching to tidy, take down the cards and get going again. Slippers off and trainers on tomorrow!

hausfrau said...

Husband says our scales are broken; certainly there is no need to start a new regime of eating and drinking less and becoming more active - though, like you, I need to take down the decorations and get tidy!