Friday, 14 December 2012


The Christmas culinary countdown has begun.  I have spent a happy hour this evening enjoying the delights of Ms Lawson and Mr Slater. 

As predicted Nigella was on her best innuendo-laden, luscious housewife form with oodles of this and swirlings of that and a set bedecked in hues of vermillion and gold.

Nigel, on the other hand, was in his minimalist abode (I still think his kitchen looks like it's in a greenhouse), making nut roast and choosing a tree for Trafalgar Square - how did the Beeb get that to happen?

He did make a delicious looking lamb casserole with prunes which looked suitably rich and stew-ey.  I think there were biscuits too.

I was particularly taken with Nigella's spicy popcorn too.  Something to try perhaps.

J  & E groaned with despair at the prospect of a couple of cookery programmes but I hope to re-ignite an interest in cooking, particularly for J who has endured two years of incessant pies and various forms of bechamel sauce as part of his home economics GCSE.  I have great admiration for him as the main thrust of the course seems to have been 'evaluating' rather than enjoying anything to do with flavour, preparation or taste.  When I've met his teacher, I've been impressed - I assume it must be the course itself that seems to want to reduce any interest in cooking to a set of bullet points.


Only Me said...

Fish pie for Christmas dinner!

hausfrau said...

Cookery programmes are viewed with relish in this house and I get demands to meet the standard or provide ingredients! The dedicated teacher to whom you refer secures great results but I still don't quite understand how you evaluate without apparently tasting anything your students cook - but she has an enviable figure don't you think?
Merry Christmas cooking!