Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas list

Well, I gather from the lack of response to my CB rant that my political commentary doesn't go down that well.  Perhaps it's a Christmas thing.

I'm so over GO and his autumn statement and my New Year's resolution is to spend the time I usually spend shouting at Bruce/Gompertz/Peston et al on something more enjoyable instead.  Half an hour in bed, reading more than a word before I fall asleep is how I'm envisaging January evenings.

I am in the midst of assessment 'doings'.  My studies have been somewhat fragmented and dislocated since we started back at the end of September.  I have, however, had an exhibition to which lots of people came and of which lots of nice things were said.  Unfortunately, my artistic practice underwent something of a schism and I now find myself with a variety of 'work', none of which seems to hang together in what my tutors call 'a body of work'.

Besides my studies, there is the small matter of Christmas to be getting on with.  Based on the snatched conversations I have had with those I know of a female persuasion and the faces I've seen in my recent supermarket visits, I don't get the sense that Christmas 2012 is really being entered into with a sense of joy and excitement.

Perhaps it is because I'm getting older and, therefore, so is my peer group.  There are those of us who did everything in February although don't admit it and sigh and eye-roll with the rest of us when we realise that we have several things to do:
- write the cards (sometimes make the cards)
- arrange a 0% credit card to pay for the stamps
- clean the house
- arrange for an obscene amount of food and beverages to arrive at the right time, hopefully avoiding any trip to the shops after 21st December
- buy charming and thoughtful presents that don't look as if they came from a 3 for 2 offer or were bought with Nectar points
- decorate the house with delightful gewgaws that have the right balance of quirky tackiness and vintage/retro/chic/scandinavian charm
- adopt the demeanour of a person who delights in all such matters
- start drinking sherry and/or amaretto
- eat, drink and be merry whilst having a temporary bout of bulimia so as not to put on three stone

What a palaver.  Christmas, it seems to me, is a time for just hanging about with people you like, doing the things you all want to do that you don't really have time for during the rest of the year because every day is busy.  At least at Christmas, it's busy with fairy lights.


Lu said...

Yes, first things first - the fairy lights in the kitchen are up!

Gill said...

You sound a little frazzled, Janice! (yes, join the club) I tried to comment on your CB post but it wouldn't let me...lets see if it allows me this time!

My Mum was always cross about CB - I was/am an only child and she didn't get CB for me at all, because until relatively recently, it only kicked in when a woman gave birth to her second child. As my Mum quite rightly felt, the great expense was the first one - that's when a family needs to buy all the stuff - but there we are. She didn't get it (in both senses of the phrase!)

Best wishes from glitter central here. We will be knee deep in the stuff before long ;-)

marigold jam said...

I missed your previous post but having read it must just add that Family Allowance wasn't paid to everyone until the late 70's as it was only paid for the second and subsequent children before that. My mother could well have done with it but as I was her only child didn't get anything.
On the subject of Christmas I do understand where you are coming from as they say but I have stopped buying gifts and now give to charity instead (I obviously don't receive many gifts either now!) I don't buy obscene amounts of food as we only eat the normal amount with perhaps a bag of crisps as a treat! I have also given up pretending I love it all and although I do dust the mantlepiece prior to putting up cards I don't do any extra housework either - Bah Humbug to it all!

hausfrau said...

I think I'm pleased you've made a to do list for me... but I definitely like the idea of busy with fairy lights!

(Why are the numbers on the comment moderation thingy always so dificult to read? I'm not a robot - honest.)

janicebotterill said... were reading! I think something somewhere has bedoodled my google account. Perhaps it was the elves. I also never knew that you had to have TWO whole children to get family allowance in the not so distant past? How unfair was that!