Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas List II

I made the mistake of sofa slumping in front of the delicious Lorraine Pascale on BBC2 last night.  Apparently I need to add hibiscus flowers in syrup to my list of Christmas must-haves.

These are delicious, so LP says, as an alternative to cassis in sparkling wine before Christmas lunch.  I had to google them and such things retail for £9.99 a jar!  I think I'll stump up for proper fizz instead.

They did look pretty though...

I did wonder about her strategy for making sure the turkey didn't dry out.  This involved placing 2 bags of frozen peas on top of the breast whilst the rest of it was coming to room temperature.  Does anyone have room in their freezer for two massive bags of superfluous frozen peas at this time of year?  I think not.  A doomed strategy if I ever I heard one.  What happened to a bit of foil? 

She did, however, reignite my desire for one of those fat separator things that has a spout and divides all the turkey loveliness from the turkey fattiness.  I loathe that part of cooking where you have to do complicated things with the roasting tray.  I had one a couple of years ago but it didn't like the dishwasher and the spout made everyone cross at washing up time.  Lakeland have them on sale for £4.99.  I do know how to treat myself!

The Beeb cunningly dropped in adverts for Nigella's festive innuendo hour and a master bake-off with telly's culinary odd couple Berry (she even has a festive name) and steely-eyed Paul.  That's my Christmas wrapping time sorted then.  Yum.


Ali said...

How did I miss it? Must investigate iPlayer, because the food is really the best bit, for me!

hausfrau said...

I had similar doubts about peas... and she said to wash the bags afterwards implying that I could put them back in the freezer and eat them on another occasion... I'm sure that's against my health and safety! With the news of the price of hibiscus flowers I can at least cross that idea off my list of things to buy - but I really must sort out a turkey!

Only Me said...

I've never heard of the frozen pea trick either - I'm with you, FOIL.