Monday, 26 November 2012

who would have thought it...

Facebook informs me (I didn't enquire) that 6,038,255 people like food.




I write this in homage to that bloke who has a serious(ly) problem with adverbs in the new cooking show on More4.  It's called Spice something or other and I was watching it to avoid the Xfactor last night.

I am sure Enthusiastic Spice is a very pleasant young man and I read his cookery column in the Torygraph on Saturdays but, dear me, every other word with a 'ly' on the end.  Did no-one notice in any of the rehearsals/ all????

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Only Me said...

The lengths we have to go to, to avoid the X factor, I washed the kitchen floor! I haven't seen Enthusiastic Spice, am sure he's lovely but sounds very irritating.