Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'tis pity she is a hoarder

These are the (mostly) empty notebooks and diaries that I have collected over the last few years.  I have a problem.  It's not serious enough to get me on the telly but, dearie me, I need to do something.  In my defence I haven't bought ALL of these books.  There are gifts in there and also books that needed a home.  This, however, is the tip of an exceedingly large iceberg.  There are collections of yarn, fabric, paper, stationery (do I count books?) around our house and they have all been gathered by me.  There is no-one else to blame. 

I could say I'm going to have yet another sort out, another clear out, another tidy up.  That's not going to happen - certainly not before next summer but I have made a small start, clearing out my inbox and unsubscribing to the daily barrage of emails from online retailers, grocers and insurance salespeople.  I've spent a very satisfying half an hour deleting myself from their communication lists.

I don't want their incessant cries of 'buy me, buy me' popping up before my very eyes.  I just don't have the bandwidth.  I am going to strip my inbox of all un-necessary communication - especially the ones from Paperchase.


Ali said...

I sympathise. We all have our purchasing black holes where no amount acquired feels like enough. Mine is string, washi tape and cookbooks it seems.

marigold jam said...

Well as the ad says "Every little helps"!!! Good luck with the clear out!

Gill said...

Ah, the days when email inboxes were full of lovely chatty messages from friends. Now, mine too is crammed full of rubbish. I am going to take inspiration from you, Janice, and do a bit of unsubbing as well.

Thanks for the nudge!

Only Me said...

It is nice to collect, and have lovely things around you, even if you have got lots of everything. There is something great about a new shiney notebook.