Friday, 12 October 2012

work in progress

If you'd like to keep up to date with my latest artistic endeavour, head over to hall-mark.

Judy and I are friends and neighbours who just happen to be third year art students.

We're collaborating and making new work for a show in the brand-new Goss Croft Hall, Seagry.  Goss Croft is a very new hall and an amazing achievement of community fundraising and effort.  We both feel honoured to have the opportunity to present our work here.

We hope the blog will form a record of the project and its development.

Goss Croft Hall
PS:  Private View, 6 - 8pm, Friday 30 November
Too early for mince pies and mulled wine?


Only Me said...

Great photo - it's never too early for a mince pie.

VP said...

Ooh can I come?

*orders mince pies*

hausfrau said...

How very exciting - and, no, it's never too early for a mince pie.