Monday, 1 October 2012

'tis the season

I feel a little out of kilter.  As you know, I'm not fond of the summer months.  I do not enjoy heat or hayfever, prefer red wine to cold, chilly white, roast dinners to barbecues.  I'm a shade-loving creature.

This year, however, I have not had enough sunshine.  I have realised that I need the summer months and the sunshine to get me geared up for our autumn/winter extravaganza that starts with J's birthday this week and concludes, usually, with a slightly weary liverish feeling on the 1st January.

My seasonal down-time, like most of us are the months of January and February although, perhaps unusually, I love that chance to really cosy up inside and get ready for spring.

I know that the next twelve weeks or so will be a whirl of this, that and the other.  Luckily, we have a sunny trip planned which will, with any luck, top up the Vitamin D for the following months.

As it is, I'm going to eat cake (sorry Slimming World), imbibe copious amounts of caffeine and make merry every fortnight or so until 2013 whilst inwardly fretting about deadlines and projects and sketchbooks. 
Did anyone see the 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' translation on Downton last night?

Sybil got jilted at the altar - Mama's wise words - 'whatever tests you, my darling, will make you stronger'.  See - the oldies are the best.

And what's the story with Mrs Hughes and Carson?  I think things are going to hot up with that pair of lovebirds.

On running....I can do it for 30 minutes now, I remember, I told you.  Mmmmm....haven't run for ten days.  It's too dark, too cold in the mornings and I can't bear being spotted by anyone else in daylight hours - too embarassing.  Suggestions on a comment please.


Only Me said...

Maybe we should go flourescent and try that early evening run. I'm up for giving it a whirl. The fire has been lit for several nights now that Autumn seems to have arrived following a summer of not a lot of sun.

Gill said...

Oh, cake is vital to getting through dark mornings, isn't it? I recognise so many of those preferences, being a child of the Autumn too. Isn't it bliss to snuggle up?

I'm not sure about Mrs Hughes and Carson either but think there's a little something blossoming. At the end of the last series, we made a list of topics we anticpated for this series and guess what's top of the list?!

hausfrau said...

I can't even make myself do Pilates at home, so I certainly wouldn't venture out where someone might see me... Wear a headscarf?
I was allowed to cuddle up on the sofa with both girls for Downton, an unheard of delight - this week there'll only be two of us and Eldest was worried no one else will want to watch, but I bet there'll be some fans of sentimental telly.