Friday, 12 October 2012

work in progress

If you'd like to keep up to date with my latest artistic endeavour, head over to hall-mark.

Judy and I are friends and neighbours who just happen to be third year art students.

We're collaborating and making new work for a show in the brand-new Goss Croft Hall, Seagry.  Goss Croft is a very new hall and an amazing achievement of community fundraising and effort.  We both feel honoured to have the opportunity to present our work here.

We hope the blog will form a record of the project and its development.

Goss Croft Hall
PS:  Private View, 6 - 8pm, Friday 30 November
Too early for mince pies and mulled wine?

Monday, 8 October 2012


I have spent the last three hours in a blind panic, thinking I had lost my purse.  Some of you who read this will not be surprised. 

The last three hours were also spent at J's 'sixth form open evening'.  I concentrated as hard as I could whilst worrying about my bank cards and driver's licence and working out how early I could get to college tomorrow morning to check lost property.  I found my student card in my pocket and the last time I saw my purse I was printing out some articles in the library.  I was convinced I would find it there.

A few minutes ago I found it in our 'so-called' first aid box - the box that's full of old penicillin prescriptions, a pot of crusty vaseline and some random herbal sleeping tablets.  The box that used to have Calpol and those useless head thermometers.  I had scooped it up after digging about for some paracetomol for The Worker whose patience, I can tell, is wearing quite thin.  This is the first drama of the week but one of several since I started back at college - all minor, all solvable but involving quite a bit of faffing, dithering and hyper-anxiety.

I feel stupid and cross with myself for tonight's events.  I'm nearly forty five.  I'm not fifteen.  I'm worse, in many ways, than the kids who seem, thankfully, to have inherited their father's organisational abilities, not mine.

I feel stupid and cross with myself for not concentrating, for not taking enough care of the important things by allowing myself to get distracted and disengaged simply because I'm rushing about and doing too many things without thinking.

It's time to start concentrating.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bag lady

I'm a bag.  Just in time for my birthday....

Here's the lovely Janice bag by Raoul (what a clever man he must be).  Who would have thought that I'd be in the same company as Alexa, Ms Birkin and Ms Del Ray?  And me, from Wigan!

We live in hope!

Monday, 1 October 2012

'tis the season

I feel a little out of kilter.  As you know, I'm not fond of the summer months.  I do not enjoy heat or hayfever, prefer red wine to cold, chilly white, roast dinners to barbecues.  I'm a shade-loving creature.

This year, however, I have not had enough sunshine.  I have realised that I need the summer months and the sunshine to get me geared up for our autumn/winter extravaganza that starts with J's birthday this week and concludes, usually, with a slightly weary liverish feeling on the 1st January.

My seasonal down-time, like most of us are the months of January and February although, perhaps unusually, I love that chance to really cosy up inside and get ready for spring.

I know that the next twelve weeks or so will be a whirl of this, that and the other.  Luckily, we have a sunny trip planned which will, with any luck, top up the Vitamin D for the following months.

As it is, I'm going to eat cake (sorry Slimming World), imbibe copious amounts of caffeine and make merry every fortnight or so until 2013 whilst inwardly fretting about deadlines and projects and sketchbooks. 
Did anyone see the 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' translation on Downton last night?

Sybil got jilted at the altar - Mama's wise words - 'whatever tests you, my darling, will make you stronger'.  See - the oldies are the best.

And what's the story with Mrs Hughes and Carson?  I think things are going to hot up with that pair of lovebirds.

On running....I can do it for 30 minutes now, I remember, I told you.  Mmmmm....haven't run for ten days.  It's too dark, too cold in the mornings and I can't bear being spotted by anyone else in daylight hours - too embarassing.  Suggestions on a comment please.