Tuesday, 11 September 2012

what's that coming over the hill?

It's a new blogger interface, apparently.  I'm looking at it now as I post and I'm not very happy.  There's quite a bit of orange and it looks completely different to the old dashboard I have been managing with for however many years I've been blogging.  Yuck.  It's interesting how one small change can have quite such an impact.  I like things to stay the same or, at least, change slowly.  I don't like pop-up warnings that shout about impending upgrades and do it now or, you never know, your blog might disappear in a flash of html.


School has started.  The primary years are over in our house.  No more walking to school, delivering our precious offspring, no more carol services, no more cycle proficiency, no more chatting at the school gate.  From now on it's slightly earlier mornings, off on the bus at 8am and back at 4pm unless there's something else more interesting going on instead.  I'm sure there will be several dramas of a variety of descriptions along the way but I have to say I'm happy to be slightly further along the parenting road. 


I should have known that things might turn out to be a little more complicated than when I was optimistically making lists.  The final year of my degree starts next week and I have been given a copy of the timetable.  The next nine months are going to be a challenge.  I see that now.  No amount of list making is going to help me avoid the fact that there are deadlines to meet and actual, real studying/reading/drawing to be done.  All this and our usual shenanigans.  There was an article in the Sunday Times at the weekend about being busy and the types of busy we can be.  I've put it on my noticeboard with an addition.  Just *&^%$ing busy - that's all!


I'm still running.  Three times a week.  Enjoying the early morning mists and the low sunshine. It might be time to invest in a long-sleeved running top.  I'm getting a bit chilly around the upper arms.  I also invested in a rather attractive running belt.  No more sweaty ipod for me!


And finally:  Geri H & Russel B - can this be real?  There's a part of me that truly hopes it is.


Sue Gaskin said...

Nelson Mandela said “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." As long as you keep walking or running in your case - you are making progress! Sounds like you have an interesting and exciting year ahead x

Only Me said...

I'm also enjoying the next step on the parenting/school path and certainly K seems to be buzzing with it. I like the sound of your running belt! I have a little velcro pouch around my upper arm - I just need to sort out the music on the ipod.

hausfrau said...

Is that what a strange e-mail from Google was about? I binned it...
VERY pleased to hear that the new school regime has started well. It is interesting how children are suddenly ready for that next step... Uni starts on the 1st of October: she's ready, I'm not so sure about me!