Monday, 20 August 2012

the calm before

Since I last blogged, I've added a couple of things to my to-do-list.

I have added part-time Learning Advisor to my ever-increasing list of job-titles.

I got whiff of a job in the library at college towards the end of term.  Fifteen hours a week.  Perfect - I'm going there three times a week anyway and I love, love, love the library.  What did I have to lose?  Well, it turns out, nothing.  I got the job - hurrah - and started last week with a very lovely team of co-workers and a whole library of books, magazines and the opportunity to have a go with the scanners.  There was the small issue of starting in the summer holidays but neither J nor E have batted an eyelid.  I think they quite like the fact that I'm not nagging them to leave the house three mornings a week to go for a picnic in the rain at the nearest National Trust property before our membership runs out.

My logic?  Fifteen hours a week will bring a reasonable amount of extra income into the household without spending what seems like days and hours doing the donkey work that needs to be done as a self-employed writer/tutor.  I love teaching crafts.  Love, love, love it.  However, not everyone in our current economic climate has the interest or wherewithall to send themselves to classes on how to make lovely handmade things.  Me and my lovely workshops are not high on everyone's shopping lists in a double-dip recession.  Fair enough.

So, I have been calculating and planning my weekly schedule - anticipating the routine that will emerge in a couple of weeks time.   Both children (or, rather, young adults) will be at secondary school - leaving the house at 8am and returning at 4pm at the earliest.  This means there are 40 hours every week when, in theory, I should have no distractions.

15 hours I'll be at work and, unfortunately, 5 hours will be spent driving to and from work/college but for that, I have a new plan - podcasts.  I am busily googling and downloading as many art-related radio programmes as possible so that I can listen and get brainy whilst I drive.  Suggestions would be welcomed. 

I know I am fairly deluded about this clockwork time planning but it is giving me an inordinate sense of well-being and calm so I am going to continue until the (*/$£^ hits the fan and I start hurling myself around in an incoherent panic of dissertations, GCSEs, sports kit and sleepovers.

I love this time of year.  I love the nights drawing in slowly but surely and I have a severe case of new pencil case syndrome (this year I am self-medicating with a new phone - I do love an upgrade and it would be rude not to give Orange a little bit more of my hard-earned cash).

I love the possibility of the new term and I think it's because I loved school.  All the way through.  I loved being with my friends and learning all that stuff.  I never got bored and I've realised that the only times I get bored now are when there isn't enough to do.

So, here I am preparing, preparing, preparing before the new term starts and we can all get doing, doing, doing.

Monday, 13 August 2012


It's been two months since I attended to this blog.  A lot has happened in the last few weeks - did you hear? 

I was never an olympophile - more olympiphobe than anything.  I don't understand that 'faster, stronger, higher' thing.  I admire people who strive for all that stuff (to an extent) but I just don't get that pursuit of one task to the final, superlative degree.  It's not that I'm an advocate of laziness, particularly, I just think there are other things in life than running about and chucking stuff - like art, like literature, like beautiful music.

There, I said it.  I've been quiet because I didn't want to be a bah humbug.  I have felt like one of those people who can't bear Christmas - slightly suspicious to others and a bit of a killjoy. 

I liked the opening and closings and I quite enjoyed the athletics.  I was partial to the odd bit of shot put and thought JE should be promoted to 'inspiring young women tsarina'.  We went to the park and I loved the buildings and the flowers and the atmosphere and the overall jollyness and Britishness of it all.  I wasn't too much of a party-pooper.

Added to all this, since I last blogged, I've started running again.  I'm now dong a PB every other day, increasing my running time by a minute or two each 'go'.

This morning - 13 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, 8 minutes run, 1 minutes walk, 6 minutes run.  That's 27 minutes, folks.  Two 5K races for Mo Farah, one shuffle to Dauntsey and back for me!

Back soon.