Wednesday, 13 June 2012

someone's stolen me pots

They're gone - our massive terracotta glazed pots that have stood either side of our front door for the best part of ten years with a drought-resistant, low-maintenance conifer in each of them.  How sad is that?

I didn't notice, of course, despite being the first one scooting away from the house this morning.  The Worker called me to let me know.  Nothing else has gone but the house is looking a bit bereft and there are two little circles of soil where the bases of the pots stood.

Need to get the broom out and sweep away evidence of our local crimewave.

Maybe the thieves will be struck down with a bad back from lugging the not insubstantial articles from van to their own front door?


marigold jam said...

How jolly annoying! What makes people do such a thing I wonder. If I was going to take something I'd make sure it was lightweight and easily portable and worth a great deal of money otherwise it wouldn't be worth it but obviously it must be!

Sue Gaskin said...

Hmmm! Someone pottering around no doubt! Were they insured???
Crime is part of life here and everything is nailed or cemented down. Our house numbers were nicked and light fingered persons stole our gate lights. Get a dog - a rottveiler or learn to bark like one!!

Jo said...

I hope they slip a disc carrying them. How low do some people stoop, honestly.

VP said...

I'm shocked. Hope they dropped them on their foot too!

Only Me said...

How very dare they .... 'bloomin' cheek.

TutleyMutley said...

karma will get 'em, I'm sure.