Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DIY (makeover) SOS

Having got to June without any major domestic upset - we had SATS, end of term assessments, GCSEs and a job changeover as well as other stuff rumbling about - I find myself at the beginning of June a tad deflated.

The Jubilee came and went - all very jolly if a little damp and now the summer (damper) is upon us. 

I've started on the house (although it's hard to tell) and the garden was looking good until the tornado hit.  I spent Saturday afternoon mowing the weeds on the allotment, looking like a middle-aged, transgender, Edward Scissorhands wielding the mower with my hair tied up (hair appointment tomorrow).  It was very satisfying and the patch is now covered and waiting for a gap in the rain so that I can plant my pumpkin seedlings.

This week, I am feeling most in need of a long, extended spa visit - an MOT for the body.  I have an almost cellular hankering for horizontal pampering - to be wrapped in a warm bathrobe and for someone to appear with a menu of primping, polishing, waxing, moisturising, styling, manicuring, pedicuring and any other procedure which might result in a less frazzled looking moi.  If I had the time and the cash I'd go somewhere that detoxed and beautified at the same time - somewhere to recharge and renew.

This is not to be.  There is no time and there is no spare cash!

I am going to have to take matters into my own hands - incidentally my hands are the only bit of me that are looking reasonably presentable.

This is not a woe is me post.  I have plans.

Significantly Euro (bloody hell, can there be more sport on the sodding telly) 2012 has started.  This means that my opportunites for crap-telly watching are severely impeded.  Last night I made a messenger bag.  Tonight I am doing a talk at our local Embroiderers' Guild.

Tomorrow night - the pampering begins.  

Accept this as a DIY (makeover) SOS call.  If you have any hints, tips for 'at-home' beauty, here's the place to send them.  If you send them, I will do them as long as they don't involve fish pedicures or plucking my own eyebrows.  I'm thinking scrubs made from ingredients in my store cupboard, facepacks from avocado - you know the stuff.  What works for you.

Will it work for me?

So, wish me luck.  I will be gathering supplies and finding all those freebies and pots that have been lurking in the cupboards.  Let's hope it works.


Sue Gaskin said...

Interesting - What are you talking on at your Embroidery Guild? I have heard that a honey is very soothing and moisturinsing for your skin - you just smear a layer over your mush - pray that the phone doesnt ring and then clean it off with a warm, damp facecloth afterwards. I have also heard that porridge oats make a good face scrub and I have actually made a body scrub from sugar, baby oil and a few drops of lavender oils.It was lovely! Have 'sticky' fun - you will look good enough to eat!

Only Me said...

All I seem to remember reading about, and I'm not very reliable on these matters(!),is cucumbers for the eyes, teabags (can't remember which bit they're for - might be safer to just have a cuppa) and washing one's hair in beer(!). Have Fun.