Wednesday, 13 June 2012

someone's stolen me pots

They're gone - our massive terracotta glazed pots that have stood either side of our front door for the best part of ten years with a drought-resistant, low-maintenance conifer in each of them.  How sad is that?

I didn't notice, of course, despite being the first one scooting away from the house this morning.  The Worker called me to let me know.  Nothing else has gone but the house is looking a bit bereft and there are two little circles of soil where the bases of the pots stood.

Need to get the broom out and sweep away evidence of our local crimewave.

Maybe the thieves will be struck down with a bad back from lugging the not insubstantial articles from van to their own front door?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DIY (makeover) SOS

Having got to June without any major domestic upset - we had SATS, end of term assessments, GCSEs and a job changeover as well as other stuff rumbling about - I find myself at the beginning of June a tad deflated.

The Jubilee came and went - all very jolly if a little damp and now the summer (damper) is upon us. 

I've started on the house (although it's hard to tell) and the garden was looking good until the tornado hit.  I spent Saturday afternoon mowing the weeds on the allotment, looking like a middle-aged, transgender, Edward Scissorhands wielding the mower with my hair tied up (hair appointment tomorrow).  It was very satisfying and the patch is now covered and waiting for a gap in the rain so that I can plant my pumpkin seedlings.

This week, I am feeling most in need of a long, extended spa visit - an MOT for the body.  I have an almost cellular hankering for horizontal pampering - to be wrapped in a warm bathrobe and for someone to appear with a menu of primping, polishing, waxing, moisturising, styling, manicuring, pedicuring and any other procedure which might result in a less frazzled looking moi.  If I had the time and the cash I'd go somewhere that detoxed and beautified at the same time - somewhere to recharge and renew.

This is not to be.  There is no time and there is no spare cash!

I am going to have to take matters into my own hands - incidentally my hands are the only bit of me that are looking reasonably presentable.

This is not a woe is me post.  I have plans.

Significantly Euro (bloody hell, can there be more sport on the sodding telly) 2012 has started.  This means that my opportunites for crap-telly watching are severely impeded.  Last night I made a messenger bag.  Tonight I am doing a talk at our local Embroiderers' Guild.

Tomorrow night - the pampering begins.  

Accept this as a DIY (makeover) SOS call.  If you have any hints, tips for 'at-home' beauty, here's the place to send them.  If you send them, I will do them as long as they don't involve fish pedicures or plucking my own eyebrows.  I'm thinking scrubs made from ingredients in my store cupboard, facepacks from avocado - you know the stuff.  What works for you.

Will it work for me?

So, wish me luck.  I will be gathering supplies and finding all those freebies and pots that have been lurking in the cupboards.  Let's hope it works.