Monday, 21 May 2012

waiting game

I, the autumn/winter lover.  I, the woman who loves winter boot shopping.  I, the woodburner lover.  I am sick to death of this freezing so called summer crap grey weather.

The poppies are from years ago.  My wild poppies in the garden (pinker than these) are still shrunken little seedlings, barely brave enough to shoot up from the soil.

I know this because yesterday I gardened.

I dug, I hoed, I forked, I transplanted, I sowed more pots and I built wigwams for beans.

It must be summer as I now have too many spindly courgette plants on the allotment, flailing about in the chilly breeze.

Why am I still wearing a cardi?

On a positive note, I have finally caught up with the rest of the Western World and started watching the first series of The Killing on DVD.  We started last Sunday as a replacement for Homeland but I fell asleep after the first ten minutes.  We had to watch the first episode again last night and, in the end watched three.  Gripping stuff. 

I recorded TOWIE.  It's my not so secret, guilt-ridden TV must-watch.


Only Me said...

We were out walking yesterday - I was Mrs 2 jumpers and a coat and we're still lighting the ol' woodburner. D and the girls were putting up their wigwams too in the hope of some sunny spring weather.

Sue Gaskin said...

Never cast a clout till May is out!!! When we lived in the UK we always used to go on holiday to Anglesea in the last week of May and were always rewarded with beautiful weather - For me that was the start of summer. I hope that this week brings sunshine for you :-) PS.Summer is too short to make wigwams for beans!