Friday, 25 May 2012

r,w & b

Will it ever end?  Entering a Tesco this week is done so at risk of being dizzyfied by Union Jacks strewn across aisles, smothering everything from Weetabix to dishwasher tablets.  I fear for those 'Keep Calm and Get the Beers In' t-shirts.  What will happen come a week on Wednesday when we're all a few pounds heavier and wishing we hadn't eaten quite so much coronation chicken and sausage rolls?

I'm not a party-pooper.  I'm looking forward to our village 'do' which is being ably and efficiently organised as I type.  I love a bit of patriotism every so often but, dear me, this has been going on for ages - since that wedding.  Two street parties in two years?  It would seem so.

I dreamt that Kwills were going to announce a pregnancy just to make the Jubilee complete.  That way, we can have another street party when the next wee Windsor pops out.  Might be a bit chilly on the streets in January/February next year but perhaps we can have indoor street parties in houses where they can afford to put the heating on.

So, here we go - paper cups and plates at the ready.  Will the sunshine last?  Will there be a downpour?  Will we all have a good time?

I should jolly well think so.

Rule Britannia!

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Only Me said...

We're going to miss all the action in 'The Village' but K wants to produce her own banquet for the Jubilee while we're on the IOW. So far scones and honey glazed sausages have been suggested and I'm sure we will be required wear r,w & b.