Monday, 9 April 2012

sign of the times...

I visited Tyntesfield a couple of weeks ago.  I had been meaning to visit for a long time, since I'd heard of how the National Trust were opening it as an ongoing project, allowing visitors to see how they catalogue and curate their properties.  I finally got myself there as J was on his work experience week in and around schools the other side of Bristol.

It was a fascinating place, stuffed full of photo opportunities.  I'm using the chairs I saw there as part of one of my college projects.  This small sign, however, made me laugh.  Did it mean that particular A4 sized area was alarmed or was the staircase slightly perplexed and suffering from a bout of consternation.  Who knows?

Our Easter holiday has been different this year with J on a football tour in Belgium.  He left at 6am on Saturday morning and will be back at 10pm on Tuesday evening.  Even though we've missed him, we've had a lovely family time with a visit to the newest baby in the clan and a gathering around the dinner table yesterday afternoon.  Today has been a day of sketchbooks and stitching. 

I had carefully tidied my room/office/workspace and even took myself off to the bootsale the weekend before last to clear some shelf space.  I have spent about 6 hours, on and off, in here today and it looks like a tip again.  Not to worry, progress of a sort has been made, I hope.


Gill said...

We need to visit Tyntesfield again because I'm sure it's changed so much since our last visit. Fascinating place.

The sing reminds me of one on a door in the Lakeland shop in Bath, which said "this door is alarmed". hmmm...poor thing.

Only Me said...

A big tidy is very satisfying and I'm really not very good at it - I'm good at lots of piles! Am pleased progress was been made and as D would say you have to break eggs to make an omelette.

hausfrau said...

Still haven't made it to Tyntesfield, must go!
Poor stairs!