Tuesday, 17 April 2012

if a job's worth doing...

...it's worth putting off.

Why are some people paragons of steady, regular and productive activity whilst others seem more chaotically inclined?

We've all read women's magazines and self help books.  We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail.   We have the tricks of time management drummed in to us from school days.  Why do some of us resist?

Take this post, for example.  My paper list and the my secret, back of my mind, really should be doing list are both full.  There are countless things I could be occupying this minute or two with.  I could get the dinner on, dust the living room, make progress on some college work.  You wouldn't miss me if I didn't type this little missive to toss out onto the interweb sea of nonsense.

But still, I sit at my laptop and type.  Perhaps it is a cry for help.  Perhaps it is just one of the many routes of distraction and displacement I employ throughout the day.  Perhaps I know that if I start any of the many tasks on my list, it will take longer than this little note and this little note will make me feel as if I have done something, no matter how off-task that something is.

Right - off to tick some lists. 


Sue Gaskin said...

Blogging is a great avoidance activity! Perhaps you love your keyboard more than anything on that list of yours....or perhaps its the rebel in you enjoying doing something that is not on the list. i also have a list and here I am typing this - LOLx

Only Me said...

I'd miss it! I love a list and, mine turns into a bit of a daily 'bring forward file' as so much that doesn't get done appears the next day on my next list, but at least I've written it down!

Sarah said...

My take on procrastination is that while not doing it physically, you're actually thinking about it mentally. So when you do get round to doing it at the optimum time, it's that much easier and you do a better job because of all the mental sub-conscious preparation.

That's what I've convinced myself anyway... :) I do believe there is a right moment for doing stuff, and not recognising this is a recipe for doing things less well and with more effort.

hausfrau said...

I'd miss it! And I think it's true that, while lists are marvelous, doing something that's not on your list may help you think about the things that are - and you can always add them to that list and cross them off... no I NEVER do that!