Monday, 2 April 2012

am picking up my boots...

...I finally got my trainers on this morning and started running again after weeks of Le Creuset induced laziness and a few hectic weeks of family/college life.  It took a huge amount of effort to leave the house at quarter to seven but I'm pleased to report that the effects are as enervating as I remembered them to be.

I managed a measly twenty minutes running, a total of four five minute runs with a minute either side of each.  I suppose I was out for half an hour.  A marathon it wasn't but a start it seems to have been.

I'm looking forward to this Easter break as an opportunity to catch up, reflect a little and get ready for the final push at college.  Our assessments are due on 8th May and I've been given the privilege of  working with our local museum and will be having my very first exhibition, starting the week before.  Factor in a few days on a college trip to Berlin and it's going to be an exciting time! 

I am, of course, going to approach the next few weeks in my usual calm, organised manner and resist all temptations to sit under the stairs and sob.  As the running reminds me, there's no point in thinking about it all, it's a case of doing a bit, making a start and doing a bit more.

All will be fine and dandy and this time in five weeks time, I'll be done and dusted, looking forward to the summer.

If you don't hear from me for a while - wish me luck...


Only Me said...

Good luck! and well done on the running.

hausfrau said...

Good Luck!
Does that mean we can come see your work?