Thursday, 1 March 2012

pinch punch

Some of us are still avid pinch-punchers in our house.  I always forget and am the pinched-punched.  Someone has to be.

I can't believe we're already two months nearer to the Olympics.  When will it end?  I can't even buy a chocolate bar without supporting the athletes.  It's doing my chocolate covered nut in!

If I see one more product or brand sponsoring the *&^%$&(&$^"*"^$£* games, I'm going to go all lentil and start buying everything wholesale from a vegetarian co-operative.  Not that I'll find one in sunny North Wiltshire.  I'd probably have to take out a mortgage to afford the petrol to get to the nearest supplier of wholegrain, non-branded staples.

I realise I am not seeing life as I know it in a particularly positive light.  I fear my recent toe trauma has left me ore than physically traumatised.  I feel proper narked as my Nan might say.  I may need to break the mid-week no wine rule and pour myself a drop of Shiraz.  Something has got to give.

On a lighter note, I actually had rather a splendid day - a morning spent teaching one of my very lovely crochet ladies to make ripple blankets and the afternoon at school, reading to the kids on National Book Day and then running sketchbook club which although a little noisy and sometimes exhausting is very rewarding.  Every session is full of interest and despite all the racket, some fabulous work gets done.  Two very different teaching experiences from my point of view but both a real pleasure.


Only Me said...

I always get pinch punched and then I get slip slapped so I can't do it back! I to enjoyed my short spell reading at school yesterday - sitting outside with a book was very pleasant.

Sue Gaskin said...

i dont know what a pinch punch is but it sounds sore!
Well done on your efforts to support the Olymics - I was wondering if you had made the team this year with your running Exploits - Enjoy the shirz - hope it was South African!