Thursday, 29 March 2012


I signed up to the OED's 'word of the day' a while ago and today's word is 'ladykin' which is explained as 'a small dimunitive lady.  Sometimes used as a term of endearment.' 

How sweet is that?!

I usually avoid '? of the day' sign-ups, blogs, projects.  I just find them exhausting but I look forward to my daily wordy email.  It has an extensive list of references, idioms and information about each word in each email which can provide a certain amount of bloggy wandering, all in the name of language and education.

On another matter - it's the Easter holidays!  After a couple of weeks of household activity and to and froingness, I'm ready for a bit of a breather, if only to catch up on course work get organised for the onslaught of assessments that are looming at the beginning of May.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. 


hausfrau said...

We too are looking for some time off: happy holidays!
An interest in words might take you to theinkyfool's blog...

Only Me said...

Dimunitive is a good word too.
Happy Easter and enjoy your breather.

Profesor said...

Ladykin! I like it. I'm going to make it my mission to throw that into a conversation in the next couple of days.