Monday, 5 March 2012

I don't like Mondays

I am writing to confess to a Monday meltdown.

This morning, at approximately 8am, I was tempted on an almost atomic level to take myself back to bed and lie there all day.

Am I clinically depressed?  I don't think so.

Has there been some kind of traumatic event?  Not that I'm aware of.

Had I been up all night watching TOWIE?  No, definitely not.

I simply got up, did what I needed to do to get the breakfast and the lunches sorted, looked at my latest list and the pile of stuff I needed to take to college for the day and thought

"Nah, don't really feel like it....can't be bothered."

How rubbish is that?  There are serious things going on in the world, people everywhere getting up and getting on .  I feel a bit crap and have a hissy fit.  Not good.  Not impressive.

I am pleased to report, however, that after a bit of judicious skincare involving the liberal application of my most recent favourite moisturising mask and a relatively speedy yet relaxing bath, my synapses re-arranged themselves and I started the day again just after half past nine.

I felt as if I'd had a brief short circuit, a lapse, an internal tantrum.

I felt much better as the day progressed.  I didn't have anything major to achieve or anything to finish beyond the usual day to day stuff.  I didn't resolve anything, sort anything out, change anything significant.  I just got on with the day.

When I got home from college, J was in the garage on the cross trainer for some reason, G was working at home and E was out bouncing on a trampoline.  I checked my emails, put another load of washing on and warmed through the quiche that J had made at school with some oven chips and green beans.  We had Aero chocolate for pud and talked through the day.  Nothing had really happened.  There was nothing very new to report.

A lot of my art work is about ordinariness and the everydayness of everyday.  The things that we do or that we see that we don't really take much notice of but that we would value if they weren't there.  If I'd chosen to hide from my day and taken myself to bed, I wouldn't have had one of those perfectly ordinary days, where everyone just gets on with whatever it is they do.

Perhaps I don't mind Mondays.


Only Me said...

It sounds like it turned out to be a very good ordinary day, especially Aero pud.

hausfrau said...

I too like the sound of an aero pud! The girls have discovered Jamie's 30 minute meal programmes, and while nothing has yet taken only 30 minutes, he has reinvigorated our evening meal range! We have eaten several things we ordinarily eat in new ways, but have also eaten duck and sardines (yes, sardines!) and Youngest has requested 'that salad' (rocket and pomegranate) again!!!