Wednesday, 14 March 2012

burning bras?

We've been discussing feminist art theory at college.  I know.  One minute I'm cleaning out the mysteriously long hairs in the shower, the next I'm pondering the whys and wherefores of gender on artistic practice and criticism.  Get me.

Anyway...after a particularly rantful morning yesterday about feminism and its relevance today, I'm quite confused.  Did feminism work so we don't need it any more or do we need it even more now? 

If I look around, it doesn't seem that much has changed.  We've still got eye-seeringly sexist adverts (that one about the bloke drinking 0% sugar cola and he gets some woman pitching up in a bikini to fix his truck - with her friend....perrrrrrrleaaaaaaase!, for example).  It seems to me that feminism has been repackaged so that as long as sexism is done with a wink and a nod, it's OK.  We ladies should just get over ourselves.

Were/are you a feminist?


Sue Gaskin said...

Yes - I am a feminist! I dont have hairy legs and I am quite fond of the men in my life! I wear a bra and trousers and I do believe in equal rights for women. I also recognise that men and women are different and have their roles to play in society. Does this make sense? I am a feminine feminist - I think Fembinism needs rebranding - much has changed since the sixties. I am fanatical when it comes to using my vote but there are many women who have forgotten or dont know what women went through for this privilage. I am also unafraid of using my voice in support of women's rights and in the business world. Women need to use both to ensure equality. In fact I wrote to a womans magazine on exactly this topic last week. Rant over! Breathe!

Lu said...

I spent a pleasant half hour with a friend arguing with her 18 year old son about feminism and why we still need it, even if things have improved a lot over the last 40 years. I'm absolutely with you on ads like the one you describe - but there are also ones that are very sexist in the other direction, implying men are idiots for example. Both genders need to act a bit more grown up at times!

hausfrau said...

Big Question! It achieved much, but women are not equal so, yes, we still need it. The opportunities I had were much greater than my mother's, and she had more than her mother's. My girls will have more opportunities than I did! Once upon a time pretty much the only respectable thing for a woman to be was a wife and mother. This is no longer the case, but what we choose remains very much a cause for everyone else to criticise! That's not equality in my book.

Only Me said...

I do agree with Lu that there are plenty of adverts which are sexist both towards women and men. Advertising seems to make us appear a very shallow, image conscious society.