Tuesday, 21 February 2012

should, ought, might....

Things I should do for Lent:

give up watching television
I managed a whole week on holiday without seeing a screen.  Since our return I've been basking in the orange glow of TOWIE and the hilariousness of the Big Bang Theory
give up cheese
I managed a whole week on holiday without slicing bits of cheese whilst cooking and popping them into my mouth.  Since our return, I found a BOGOF offer and re-started this destructive habit.
keep running and stop blogging about it
start gardening.  I can feel garden and allotment duties looming.  I need to get out there before it all starts growing in this unseasonably warm weather.  
keep crafting
I'm working and studying too much to find any time to make stuff.  Alarming.
make more risotto
Everyone else in the house dislikes it and groans when I threaten to make my favourite ricey dish.
defrost the fridge
There is an emanation of pong and it's a tricky one.  Not too awful but distinctive.
keep reading
I haven't read a bad book this year, I even managed Julian Barnes with good grace.  'Pigeon English' (Stephen Kelman) was good and 'Pure' (Andrew Miller) was fantastic.  I've also discovered the OUP's Short Introduction series and devoured the Philosophy edition.  Next on the list is Art Theory.  
Might need some of that.

What are you giving up/taking up for Lent?


Jane Housham said...

That's an awful lot to do for Lent! I think the cheese would be achievement enough -- I definitely can't kick the chef's habit. I'm reading Pure at the moment -- not very far in but hope it grabs me soon. I think that Art Theory book was published previously as 'But Is It Art?' which I've also read and don't think it's as good an introduction as, say, Matthew Collings or Andrew Graham-Dixon. She seems to get hung up on wider issues of definition which don't seem that important really in the end. Well, see what you think.

Lu said...

I'm thinking about giving up chocolate and may be inspired by your fridge defrosting, but I'm scared about what I might find...

Only Me said...

I'm the only one in our house not to give up anything which is not setting a very good example - I guess I should try and give up the ol' chocolate.

Sue Gee said...

Milk in coffee and possibly chocolate. I will try my very best!