Monday, 6 February 2012

in the loop

Yes, I'm sorry, another post that starts with my running exploits.  I ran for a total of 46 minutes yesterday as I trugged around a loop that starts in our village, passes through two other villages and winds its way back to my front door.

I took myself off at about half four, the first time I've run in the afternoon since I started.  It was very difficult to get going and I felt about three stone heavier.  I think this must be to do with several cups of tea and coffee sloshing around and about.  I don't know.  It took me a long time to feel comfortable but I did it and I enjoyed it.  I wonder how long it is going to take me to accept that I enjoy running.  So far, I haven't once resisted.  I just get my trackies on (and other stuff, obviously) and pop in those earphones for a little jogging moment or two.

My running month has taught me that there really is pleasure in small things.  Every time I go a little farther (I don't seem to go any faster), I get, as Phil Daniels said in Parklife, an enormous sense of well-being. 


Only Me said...

Well Done - that's fantastic. My girls have just asked if they can sign up to the Sport Relief run in March - I must make sure I don't accidentally put myself down too, as I did last time!

hausfrau said...

I'm hugely impressed that you're keeping it up! Has it become a life choice do you think? I always feel better for my Pilates session but still can't make myself do it on my own.

Sue Gee said...

Well done to you and your bladder! Run now while you can ;-)this little piggy runs wee wee wee all the way home!

Aidan said...

Hi. I found you on delanas blog here in France. I stopped by bc having just turned 40 in August (I'm halfway through the big year!) I am intrigued by others and how they get on with it.
First, well done. Super well done on your new love of running. I am myself an addict and was just thinking as I ran yesterday how it feels like being in love when ou it that perfect balance in a run. And tHen I tripped and ate dirt. Oh well. I am 40 after all! It won't keep me down for long though. Don't stop writing about our runs if it inspires you.
All the best,
Aidan x

Fleur Cotton said...

HI just found your blog today.

Well done on your running. I started running four years ago and it's the best thing i've ever done exercise wise. The first two months were a struggle though and then the running bug took hold, so keep on going!!

If you want to read about my life of knitting & running pop over to my blog, you are always welcome!
Fleur xx