Sunday, 26 February 2012

the air almost turned blue

I managed to drop the lid of a large, oval Le Creuset casserole onto my left foot yesterday just as Granny was coming through the door to watch the rugby.

This was precisely three hours before we due to go out for an evening of much anticipated revelry and dancing.

I managed not to cry.

I managed not to swear too badly.

I found the injury peas in the freezer.

I remembered where I put the arnica.

I took some paracetomol and ibuprofen and drank several cups of hot, sweet tea.

We went revelrying and dancing.

It's a nasty colour today and I'm having to stop myself googling 'broken toe', 'possible gangrene', 'amputation'.  It doesn't hurt in the way I was expecting.  It feels numb and if I look at it I feel queasy.  I can move it back and forth but it's a rather scary shade of red and the rest of my foot is turning slightly blue.  Thank goodness I didn't drop it on anyone else's foot.  Those things hurt.

I might have to go back to walking and cycling.



Ali said...

Oh my goodness - I swear by the powers of Arnica, but a le Creuset lid might just be too much for it. Heal fast.

Only Me said...

Poor you - sounds like you might need a trip to the docs to get it checked out. The fact that you can move it, is probably good.
I'm impressed with your restraint not to cry or swear too badly, I'm sure I'd have done plenty of both.

Sue Gee said...

Yes - needs checking out and i am suprised that G has not carried you there on his back as yet. I know a woman whose husband dropped their caravan on his foot - it was serious and I think that a Le creuset lid may be heavier!

Jane Housham said...

Oh no, that sounds awful, and you sound as though you've been very brave about it. I would be afraid of a granny who liked rugby. Whenever I see the word 'gangrene' now I will hear John Prescott in my head chirpily calling it 'gangareen' (as he did on Desert Island Discs this week -- his dad had it, unfortunately). So I hope you get better and don't succumb to gangareen. (Very impressed that you have 'injury peas' -- why don't I have those?)

hausfrau said...

But how is the lid? My Le Creuset lid, dropped by this weak cook, continues to function despite a crack across the radius: it's rusted over the years. A longed for (wedding) present none of my Le Creuset is what it was, and I have learnt that it is really too heavy for me and am replacing gradually with something less grand.
Hope the colours are fading: peas and Arnica ought to work...

Fran said...

I'm surprised you're still able to think straight after that. A lucky escape. I have a Le Creuset casserole dish and if I put it in the oven without a casserole in it, I can just about lift it out. But people tell me this isn't actually the point.