Sunday, 22 January 2012

something old, something blue

I'm having a typewriter moment.  I used this machine and some carbon paper to make a few pieces of work last term.  I learned to type on a typewriter.   I think my first temp job in 1988/89 involved some kind of word processor but I learned to touchtype during my 'A' levels.  I don't know why.  I think it was some kind of displacement activity, much like this blog post is now.  There are many things I should be doing instead of posting about my typing history.

I used to love those scenes in films, when the writer would sit down at their typewriter and feed a sheet of crisp white paper into the roller and start to tap, tap, ting away.  There was something very romantic and exciting about someone sitting down and making stuff up. 

I got Series 1 of The Waltons on DVD for Christmas and the aspiring writer, John-Boy borrows a typewriter to submit his first piece of writing to a New York magazine.  What an event that must have been - however fictional.  A young man in rural America sending a manuscript to a publisher in the big city.  It made me think of how much I take this blogging malarkey for granted.

One of my occasional amusements is to make blog names up, just to see if they're available.  At one point I had 38 completely empty blogs, all with different names.  I deleted them, eventually, but they hang around.  I suppose because there's nothing to stop me making them, sometimes I have a little frenzy.  Again, a displacement activity.

On the running front - I can now run for seven minutes without stopping.  I think I could probably do ten if the right track came on my Ipod but I can't run and change a song at the same time yet.  That's my next target.

I had my first running etiquette quandary this morning.  I'd plodded off on my usual route and was on the return leg, back into the village.  I saw one of the Dads from school, a Dad who is known to do the odd marathon, purposefully running towards me in a very sensible high visibility running top, glancing at what I imagine was a proper running watch (I clutch my phone and use the stopwatch function). 

Now, should I have skipped across the road to run on the other side - or should he?  Should he have run around me or should I have run around him?  I was at the end of my allotted running time - I certainly couldn't stop for my walking section.  That would have been too embarassing.  I was embarassed enough to be seen lolopping along in the first place. 

In the end I did the running around.  It seemed the thing to do.  Perhaps that's how it works - maybe the slowest runner does the biggest detour...

Now, Birdsong or essay, Birdsong or essay....


Only Me said...

Ahhh, fond memories for me - my teacher of typewriting at evening class was lovely - very well manicured, with the highest heels in the world and the longest painted (usually orange!) nails in the world - don't know how she managed to type with them but she was very speedy.

dee cee said...

have you thought of downloading some of the couch to 5k music that is free on itunes. when i did the couch to 5k i looked around for some more "fun" tunes and it really helped me, i was able to complete the longer runs much faster than recommended as i just went with the music - if that makes sense.

VP said...

I see your procrastination extends to requesting some seeds ;)

I've updated my post to show they're reserved for you :)

One of the most striking things (for me anyway)about the film of 'Atonement' is the way the sound of the typewriter is used most effectively in the soundtrack.