Monday, 2 January 2012

small steps, aching legs

I ran again this morning.  Second time.  That's almost a habit.  We're supposed to be going skiing at half term although there appears to be a distinct lack of snow (let's not think about that).  Whilst watching that rather racy episode of Sherlock last night, I worked out that my programme of running needs to be speeded up so that I can complete it before we go away.  This means squeezing 24 runs in total into 49 days.  I can feel a spreadsheet coming on.

This morning's run felt a little easier although I seem to have peculiar calves and have developed a nagging ache in my hip.  This running malarkey is making me feel old and decidedly creaky but, so I'm told, I need to keep going until running feels good.  By my calculations, this should  be by mid-February.  Let's hope so. 

Today is a gardening and menu planning day.  Tomorrow we start going back to school/work.  All plans will be thrown out of the window!


marigold jam said...

Well done! Don't overdo it though will you? It takes time to establish a new habit and if you aren't used to it you could easily overdo it! Who am I to tell you what to do though as I was never any good at running even as a child and only ever did short bursts when running for a bus or something!

Only Me said...

Well done you - if the achey hip continues, I know a man what might be able to help.
Thought Sherlock was great.

Gill said...

I can't tell you how impressed I am. Go Janice!

Cathy Cullis said...
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hausfrau said...

Oh well done! But remember: everything in moderation!

warriorwoman said...

Keep going its such a rewarding habit.
As for shoes I wouldn't worry too much to start off with, look for a pair you like the look of, feel comfy and that you can afford. I started with an entry level pair from Asics and slowly built up to their highest priced model - cant say I really notice where the additional £70 has gone.
Love the blog title by the way.