Monday, 16 January 2012

on your marks....

Today has been a topsy turvy day...

I went for a run despite the terrifying possibility of being seen by the occupants of J's school bus just after 8am.  I ran for 27 minutes - 6 x 4 minutes, 1 x 3 minutes, all with a minute walk in between.  I can now run for the length of a whole song.  That's never happened before. 

It took me an hour and a half to get to Swindon.  Some sort of incident resulted in a tailback all the way to Brinkworth.  If I'd had my usual reaction and taken a short cut I would have just about got there in time but no, I didn't trust my instincts and sat in a line of traffic for nearly an hour.  Unheard of in these rural parts.

My other windscreen wiper's rubber blade fell off and my water was iced up until I reached Purton.  Interesting driving in the low winter sun.

The loo I had to visit as soon as I got to college had lost its flush.  Very unpleasant.

I tripped over the gap in the lift.

I carefully tipped my packet of sugar into the bin instead of my coffee.

I got a 2:1 for my first assessement (hurrah!)

I couldn't find a bank statement I need.  I found the online username and password so that I can retrieve it.  One of the finest uses of technology I can think of.

I put a chicken in the oven to roast after supper so that it would be cooked ready to make some chicken pie for supper tomorrow.  I left it in there for three and a half hours whilst trying to meet a deadline.  It looks a little sunburnt and is not as moist as it might be but with a bit of stock it will be fine (we hope).

So, a topsy turvy kind of day but not bad for the, allegedly, most depressing day of the year.


Only Me said...

Well done on you 2:1 - that's fantastic and great on the running front.

An eventful up and down day! Hope the chicken was fine - better over done than under done!

hausfrau said...

Oh well done! When do we get to see the work?
There'd been an accident on the M4 and all the traffic was diverted through Brinkworth - well, that's what I heard at Pilates. How tedious to be stuck in it!
Poor chicken, though I'm sure a sauce will have solved the problem and you can't be poisoned by an overcooked chicken...