Sunday, 8 January 2012

let's do the time warp

I watched Jonathan Ross last night, mainly because I like John Bishop and his Scouse vowels (You can take the girl out of the north but you can't take etc....).

I preferred JR when he was on the radio for many reasons.  I watch him sometimes because he gets good guests.  Last night we were treated to John Bishop, Brian Cox (not sure about him on many levels) and three of our female Olympic athletes.

This is where my next rant begins.  It was as if feminism simply hadn't happened.

The athletes looked beautiful but were dressed as if they'd had second pick from the wardrobe of The Pussycat Dolls - all stacked platform stilletos and barely there dresses.  JR asked them about their relationships, their marital status and alluded to the fact that they were all so gorgeous the male guests on the show would be 'sorting themselves out' during the break. 

JR is probably old enough to be these girls' father, if not uncle.  Would he like it if a man of his age spoke to his daughter or his niece like that?  It's not big and it's not clever. 

Has the last hundred or so years of feminism simply become an amusing and ineffectual historical sidenote?


hausfrau said...

I expect he thought he was being big and clever, but rather sad that they didn't think to put him in his place! Not a fan, didn't watch - he's usually on past my bedtime!

Only Me said...

I too prefer JR on the radio but we have given up watching him on the television - mostly for the reasons you mention. It is relentless sexual inuendo and only an interest in their personal lives and he doesn't give his guests a chance to speak. My little rant over, I'm sounding scarily like my mum! Uh Oh!