Friday, 27 January 2012

I owe it all to Madonna

I ran yesterday - for ten whole minutes - in a row.  Without stopping.  A total run of 27 minutes with 3 breaks of 1 minute in between each run.  I'm sorry I've gone all 'show and tell' about this but I'm amazed.

I was listening to 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' - do you remember that album?  I think it was the one where her-madgeness wore big knickers and leg warmers in most of the videos.  I may be wrong.

Anyway....CoaDF got me to the next village and back. 

I'm a little stuck now.  It seems silly to run to a village and run back again.  I have an urge to continue beyond but if I do that, I'll be out for a lot longer and I think I'll be over-extending myself somewhat.  I don't want to get carried away and ruin all my hard work by getting bored or, worse still, injured.

Little and often has worked so far.


Gill said...

I am so impressed. Seriously. I can't imagine having the confidence to go out there, nor the willpower to keep going. Bravo!
(five floors worth of stairs during the fire drill is about as much exercise as I've had this week! - thanks for your comment! they are nice aren't they? I think F. Christmas shopped at Boden!)

Only Me said...

Well done you - and have you been in out your lovely new trainers yet. Maybe you could head out on the Dauntsey Road - I think there is a little loop out this way, rather than a there and back.

WendyB said...

I think she was wearing leotards?