Monday, 23 January 2012


Of course Birdsong won the competition and I stayed up till the wee small hours tweaking away at the essay.

The significant looks and moody stares of the former sent me scurrying for my laptop and I only saw the steamy bits out of the corner of my eye whilst contemplating Grayson Perry's pots. 

I thought Birdsong looked beautiful and I remember reading it but like many other novels, I can't for the life of me remember what happens.  I got a little bored with the romantic scenes of love and stifled romance but thought the scenes from the trenches were filmed beautifully.   I was amazed by the faces of the soldiers, particularly what's is name.  I could have looked at him for hours and not for all the wrong reasons thank you very much.

Whilst tapping away and pondering my punctuation, I half watched the programmes I'd taped about illuminated manuscripts.  I was surprised to see Malmesbury get a fair-sized mention although I was pleased to be only half concentrating as the presenter, as lovely and obviously intelligent as she was, drove me nuts.  I have a note in my diary to watch the programmes again, notepad in had so that I can count this as research but I think I may need to employ some judicious fast forwarding.

We've just had a delicious lasagne type meal made with rice by J.  A treat to come home and not have to think about dinner.  As the results of a home economics class it wasn't half bad and there were four clean plates.  G was given The World at War boxed set for Christmas so my essay will be completed with the sound of the Battle of the Britain in the background.  Military history documentaries are definitely a cure for procrastination.


Only Me said...

I can remember crying when I read the book but not actually what happens. I think the story was told through Isabelle's eyes. I agree it was filmed very beautifully.

hausfrau said...

I too thought the BBCs production looked lovely and remember being absorbed in the novel... sadly I don't remember the detail either, so I've no idea if it's actually anything like the original: we're not much good are we?!