Friday, 25 February 2011

the error of my ways... my defence, I am being very good, exercise-wise.  I have engaged in some form of physical activity every day this week including running where I might be seen.  I use the term running loosely, of course. 

The Worker is doing a 10K run on Sunday so I feel that I must, at least, try to compete.  So far I have managed 3 walk/runs which lasted a total of half an hour each.  I walk for about five minutes and then run for a couple of minutes, walk a minute etc.  I'm not exactly Olympic material.  I have, however, been to the Nike shop at the outlet and invested in a running top and new trackies.  I realised mid-Zumba, a couple of weeks, that one of my old pairs were not fit for gardening in. 

So, I'm all kitted out.  I have, as The Worker and Running Friend would say 'got the gear and no idea'. 

My running routine involves quite a lot of fiddling about with my ipod (whilst walking), changing tracks a couple of times to get 'in my zone', adjusting stray items of clothing, worrying about my hair, avoiding streets and paths where I think dog-walking neighbours might snigger and obsessing that my rosy cheeks have become purple.  I also contemplate the notion whether ladies of a certain age and stature should, indeed, run at all.  I'm not made for speed.

Apart from running I took myself off to a new Zumba class. Prior to last night, I thought all Zumba classes were created equal.  It appears not.  Both classes and teachers are excellent but Malmesbury Zumba is, I would say,  more dance based and Dauntsey Zumba has a more aerobics with dance feel about it.  I liked both and would like to report, I glowed in equal measure after an hour of each.  I'm interested to see what Wii Zumba will be like. 

Zumba is, in fact, one of the only exercise classes I've ever really enjoyed.  I used to fall off the steps at Step and Boxercise just made me want to weep - I'm not very confrontational.  Yoga makes me feel inadequately bendy and the slowness of Tai Chi just made me angry and frustrated! 

In any case, exercise aside, my current project is being scuppered by my inability to control my ridiculous eating habits.  It has come to the point where I have been making a food diary this week and I have realised that some days I eat like an indulged eight year old on holiday.   Admittedly it is half term week and the kids have gone into baking/cooking mood which means biscuits and macaroni cheese, mostly but, dear me I'm 43.  Is it that difficult to make better food choices? 

The best thing about doing a food diary is that I'm starting to alter what I eat so I don't have to write it down!  I've already been tempted, however, to write fictitious entries such as 'pomegranate and goji berry fruit salad' for a breakfast that actually involved milky porridge with sugar and a slice of jam and toast and 'barley risotto with asparagus and halibut' when I've had chicken korma with peshwari naan. 

A for effort.  Must try harder.

Monday, 21 February 2011

stuff you might want to know....

Zumba is out on the Wii on 5th March.  I'm a semi-regular at our local classes and it will be great to have the chance to have a go at the routines on my living room carpet.

A little note from Mulberry popped into my inbox today, inviting me to their fashion show.  If you're remotely interested in handbags and beautiful accessories, take a look.  It's all beautifully delicious and gorgeously British.

And finally, you may want to know but I certainly didn't...between my Friday start-up for the wedding dress waistline project (WDW) I managed to put on two pounds.  How did that happen?!  Since then I've tried a 'pump it up' DVD (too hyper, too young, too shouty) and a 'strictly dance fit' DVD (too slow, too old, too incomprehensible).  Tomorrow I think I might revisit Davina.  From memory, I think she's somewhere in between.

Friday, 18 February 2011

10 weeks and counting....

...that's it, I'm committed, despite having Friday frozen fish and chips ready to go into the oven - i.e. oven chips, fish cakes and mushy peas for tea (will only have a few).

Weather permitting, I will be walking around the football pitch where E & J train and where G has started to run with B.  If it's raining I'm off, instead, to Bath's fashion museum to draw the 17th century gloves - isn't life grand when a girl can have such options.

My week has been quite surreal - zumba on Monday, parents' evening Monday night, a delicious spa day on Tuesday, rugby training Tuesday afternoon, drawing and papering Wednesday, Oxford on Thursday, book group Thursday night, printing and TD day for E today.  A bit of a whirlwind but an enjoyable one.

Next week?  Half term break.  I'm imagining a few lie-ins and some re-arranging and getting around to things whilst becoming svelter and slimmer by the hour!  Ha!

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

notion confirmed....

....having been 'assessed', i.e. weighed on a fancy scale today, it seems this week's notion of getting into my wedding skirt should not be optional.  I won't go into the details as it's far too depressing.  Suffice to say I can kid myself no longer.  Something needs to be done.  I'm not as far gone as 'the biggest losers' but it's not just a case of a couple of pounds to lose either.  A couple of months concentrating on my waistline will not do me as much harm as continuing to throw caution to the wind and staying firmly in health and fitness denial.

Do not be alarmed, this will not turn into some kind of pre-menopausal diet blog.  I'm planning to keep the gory details to myself as much as possible.  I will, however, post any triumphant skirt-fitting photographs, just to keep up the motivation.

Tomorrow I'm back on holiday (sorry, college).  I've got an Argos catalogue to carve a £ sign into tonight - don't ask, it's art you know. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I have a notion.... use the upcoming nuptials of the lovely KAte and Wills to kick start my annual projectforty vow renewal and aim to squeeze in to the suit I wore for my own wedding in '95. I've tried on the skirt and it seems there's a gap of about 4 inches between button and hole on the waistband. I wonder if this might be possible. There are ten weeks to go until the happy day.

Anyone in the mood to join me?

Monday, 7 February 2011

lucky strike....

Our Spanish visitor is lovely.  He is polite, charming, speaks pretty good English and seems to be enjoying himself.  He has had a trip to Gloucester to watch rugby with the gentlemen of the house and yesterday we all went to Oxford to see the dreaming spires and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

I have quite enough trouble discerning my own teenage boy's mood and have been quite anxious about judging the interests, likes and dislikes of our visitor but he seems to be fine and he appears to be settling in.  He was bundled off to school with J this morning which I think was making him a little nervous, as can be expected.  I've given him enough food to keep him going for a week and he will see his friends who have also spent the weekend with their families.  Hopefully he will have a good day.  Roast dinner for supper.  What's not to like?

It must have been a bit of a shock to the system to finish school in your own city on Friday afternoon, travel for a good few hours and arrive in a car park in Wiltshire to be taken to a village to stay in the wind and the rain to stay with a family you barely know beyond a couple of emails.  I take my hat off to him - I'm not sure how either of my two would feel about such an adventure.  He's coped brilliantly but I do hope we've made it as easy for him as possible. 

The weather here is horrible - wild and windy, not quite freezing but cold enough.  I have come home from drop off and seitched every light on in the kitchen and am trying to start my essay for college (hence the posting instead!).   The title:  'Line of enquiry: an investigation of related drawing practices."  Suggestions will be gratefully received!

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

this week I have been mostly,,,,

....wondering how to incorporate art into my daily life, as suggested by one of my tutors (the next suggestion was to draw the saucepan holding the baked beans - pururururururururrrrrrlllllllease)

...considering how we might entertain a 14 year old Spaniard who is due to arrive on Saturday, my brain is racking as I type

...working out how to squeeze working and studying and housework and gardening and sleeping and into 24 hours a day whilst remaining patient and good humoured (a perennial but unsolvable mystery)

...thanking my lucky stars that lots of people help  me out when I simply can't be in two places at once

...thinking about entering a couple of art competitions...just to see what would happen

...contemplating the notion that I might like thinking and reading about art rather than actually making it (let's hope my tutors don't read this)

...chitting my seed potatoes for my container spud experiment

...organising my sketchbooks

...watching the sky for signs of early mornings so that I can get out for a quick stomp before the house wakes up

...enjoying a visit to London....GOD I LOVE PAVEMENTS...and noise and smog and traffic and coffee shops every few yards and shops and food from everywhere in one street and galleries and museums and noise and smog and traffic and people to look at and the tube and the streets and the restaurants

...realising I don't want to live there.  I like living here.