Tuesday, 13 December 2011

wild? it's livid!

This is one of our favourite family sayings and very apt it is for today's inclement weather.  So far we've had wind, rain, hail, snow, thunder and a smattering of sunshine in between the dark, scary clouds.

I have a rotten cold - forgive me if you already know this.  I had to get my haircut this morning so drove across the county boundary in my little Punto dreaming of a big 4 x 4 with heated seats and windows that don't fug up quite so much as mine do.  My 4 x 4 dreams were quashed when I had problems parking - never my strong point.  I was trying to save 60p.  Pointless.  I blame my cold.  I've been blaming it for the last fortnight and this is why I'm in my usual Christmas pickle.  I've written and posted almost all the Christmas cards.  I've bought and wrapped and posted almost all the Christmas presents.  I've cleaned almost a whole bathroom. I've thought about making some mince pies and almost bought some mincemeat.  It's almost Christmas!

Never mind.  I've had a lovely haircut.  I have finally grown out my layers and am back to my bobbed curlyish, greyish at the roots mop - something will have to be done about that.  What possessed me to give my hair such a severe chop a couple of years ago I still have to fathom.  I won't be doing that again in a hurry.  I don't have the right sort of cheekbones for short hair - I don't really have cheekbones.

I'm waiting for The Worker to return home.  I'm always a little twitchy in the winter as he does thousands of miles in the car each year.  I love the dark nights until I start thinking about the roads and traffic.  With today's howling gales, I'll be even more pleased to see him than I usually am.  Also, there was a clunk in the chimney yesterday.  He needs to get a torch out and get that sorted before he lights the fire!

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Only Me said...

Wild and livid and a rainbow this morning too.

Am sorry you've still got rotten cold - time to stop, get cosy, drink sherry and get rid of that nasty ol' cold.

Hope the Worker is home safe and sound too.