Friday, 2 December 2011

smile, we're British

Radio 2 has spent a good portion of its broadcasting time this week telling me that 70% of us are quite happy despite the global economic and political dramas that are unfurling about us.  This, apparently, means that we British have lost none of our stiff upper lip or stoicism since the Second World War engulfed us.


I think (you may think I'm wrong), that in fact we're just burying our dainty little anglo-saxon noggins deep in the soil (we don't have much sand in Wiltshire) and choosing to ignore the state of the planet because, frankly, we just can't cope.

This is why our TV schedules are filled with vacuous reality shows (which I watch) and patronising craft/cookery/DIY shows (which I watch and shout at) and Downton Abbey (which I watch and laugh at) - all of which turn our brains to soppy mush before the news comes on and terrifies us.  Sitting down to watch BBC of an evening is becoming a traumatic experience.

We start off quite calmly as long as we avoid the soaps, meandering our way through gentle baking competitions and perhaps a trip around Britain's B&Bs with a bit of bitching along the way and then we're off perhaps to a hospital drama where we know that, eventually, everyone will get seen and won't fall off a waiting list.  Then it's 9pm and we're taking a trip to the jungle and watching celebrities eating possum bottoms.  If we last till 10pm we have a choice - serious analysis of the day's events with a bit of Robert Peston shouting at us or half an hour of armageddon on ITV with that starey-eyed woman.

I go to bed.  It doesn't make me smile.

I don't think I'm happier or unhappier than anyone else.  I'm just keeping my niggling doubts and fears to myself.  I really don't need George Alagiyah to shake them up just before my head hits the pillow.

Have a good weekend.  Turn off the TV.


Gill said...

Ooh, I know what you mean. I was driving home from a Christmas Dinner last night, feeling seasonably jolly until I heard a woman financial expert interviewd on the radio 4 news predicting a "perfect storm" in 2013. Doom and gloom all round and the perfect antidote to my rosy glow. So, we watched Masterchef before going to bed!

hausfrau said...

My head's buried in lists and I certainly can't cope with Robert Peston at bedtime. I get most of my news from Radio 4 where I recommend PM and Eddie Mayer for a generally humerous take on the world!

VP said...

My thoughts exactly - though I did rather enjoy the Have I Got News For You version of it last night, especially the clip of Jeremy Paxman's recent closing comment Newsnight: 'well, we'll be back to depress you again tomorrow'.

projectforty said...

I've always felt jp and I would get on! I saw the clip too. great minds think alike....

Sarah said...

Apart from being worried sick about the next 12 months and whether I'll still have any savings at the end of it let alone a roof over my head, life is pretty good.

I don't make the mistake of watching the news just before I go to bed though. That would be fatal!

Only Me said...

I'm trying to live in a state of denial by avoiding the news where possible. Now I've had a crochet refresher, I'm going to keep my head down and crochet snowflakes.
I saw the JP comment - he has such great expression too.

Sue Gee said...

Nothing fuels a recession like negativity - Perhaps they should send all these messengers of gloom to the jungle to eat Possum bottoms and let us all enjoy Christmas - unite and stay positive!