Wednesday, 21 December 2011

hanging around

Day three of the Christmas holidays and our usual domestic inertia has set in.  I have seen J & E for precisely 20 minutes so far today.  They are both, resolutely, staying in their rooms in their pyjamas being very quiet and low maintenance.

I dreamt of these times on many occasions when my medium sized children were small.  Those years were spent out and about, strapping them in the car seat, unstrapping them, loading various bags and baggages with snacks.  Now they help themselves to the cupboards and make their own lunch.  There's something very liberating for all of us about it but it's also a little bit sad.  We seem to spend less time in each other's company.

Our household and our Christmases are definitely changing.  The clothes are getting bigger, the cupboards are barer more often and the demands are different but just as, well, demanding.  It's interesting to see and feel how we're all changing and reacting to the next phase of our family life.

It's all good but it's not the same.  We'll still be making reindeer cake on Friday though!

I went to a Zumba Christmas party on Monday.  Not that I've been to Zumba very regularly since September.  Monday classes clash with college, Friday I'm invariably catching up with the stuff I've neglected all week and I just can't face getting off the sofa in the evening to make an 8pm class.  It was beautifully organised and everyone had a good night from what I could tell.   Over a hundred Wiltshire ladies, dolled up and determined to have a good time.  We looked lovely and very fit, of course!

It was very entertaining despite the fact that it's the first time I've encountered incessant facebook photo taking.  I don't have a facebook account.  I don't want one but it now appears my photograph has found its way to facebookland thanks to my fellow party goers.  Does a little partying  warrant a download of a couple of hundred megabytes without actually asking if anyone might have an objection?  If I wanted to put myself on facebook, I would.  I don't want other people to do it for me.    I haven't seen the photographs but I imagine they're not ones I would choose to keep for myself, least of all circulate.

Is it me being ever-so 20th century or am I right to feel a little peeved? 


marigold jam said...

Re-Facebook - I agree with you and although modern communications can be a godsend I do think things can go too far. I don't have a Facebook account either nor do I want one so join the club! Glad you had a good time in spite of it though.

projectforty said...

Having seen the photos now and not horrified by them, I suppose I'm more relaxed. I'm reading something called 'delete' at the moment which is all about memory and technology - how everything we do will eventually be online and converted into bits and bytes. Just think it's something to think about...

Only Me said...

Christmases are definitely changing - I can nip to join the supermarket madness without having the kids 'helping' which is lovely and they make their own mince pies all by themselves and they are still,thankfully, VERY excited about Christmas. Hope the reindeer cake is baking ....