Wednesday, 7 December 2011

a good yarn

This is what I'm looking forward to after Friday.  A little gentle knitting with colourful yarn.  I've written the Christmas cards.  The presents are in the house (unwrapped) and my lovely sister is cooking Christmas lunch.  There is very little for me to do after Friday apart from wrap the presents and arrange the house and its contents in a suitably festive manner - i.e. tidy it up and clean the bits that haven't been touched for, well, a while.

I don't have plans to knit anything specific.  I'm simply going to finish a couple of projects I finished a while ago and probably start another couple of things.  I plan to spend at least a couple of afternoons by the fire with my needles and yarn on my lap, probably asleep. 

My assignment will be finished, my workshops will be finished for 2011.  It will be time to sit, reflect and look forward to 2012.


Only Me said...

Oooh, lovely, the chance to sit, knit and relax - enjoy.

hausfrau said...

Sounds marvelous!