Saturday, 26 November 2011


Tonight I am to add another string to my bow - that of bingo caller.

How did this happen?

Well, a few months ago, the idea was mooted of a school bingo fundraiser.  One of the pupils' father is a butcher and makes award winning sausages - the evening became 'bingo and bangers' - you can see where we're going with this.

I spent a great many of my childhood holidays with my Nan in and around Blackpool.  The major form of entertainment was - you guessed it - bingo.  She would sneak me and my sister into the proper bingo halls and give us a card or two to mark but mostly we visited The Rainbow Rooms and the other amusement arcades in the vicinity.

The best one was up on the promenade where for every win you could choose a record token.  I remember buying all sorts of singles with my tokens from Cleveley's premier music shop.  Each bingo hall had a special booth crammed with all sorts of finery just waiting for some lucky winner to come with enough tokens to bag a gift box of Tweed (25 wins) or packets of Rowntree Fruit Gums (1/2 a win).

You can probably guess that I'm quite excited about being the actual caller with the balls and everything!

I've printed out a list of rhymes - two little ducks, 22 etc but I'm not sure I'll be calm enough to make much of a performance of it.  This throwaway idea has turned into a much bigger affair with almost 100 tickets spoken for.

I have a microphone, apparently, but what to wear? I have a Saturday sartorial dilemma on my hands.


hausfrau said...

Perhaps something sparkly in honour of your new role? And it is Saturday night... Good luck!

Only Me said...

It was a full house too - you were brilliant - well done. Two little ducks, number 1 was my fave!

Sue Gee said...

Did you read my blog on bingo! Sean aged 10 embarrassed me in Blackpool when I refused to play at the Leisure Centre as i told him " only common people play Bingo!" Julia sat with him and the caller - anxious to fill up all the seats - kept encouraging me to sit down and play - when there was only one seat left and he asked again - THEN Sean piped up "My mum says.....only common people play bingo..." I died a million deaths as 11 pairs of eyes bored into me and Julias silent shoulders shook with mirth! Afterwards he awarded Sean any prize he wanted as he said it was a memorable moment!!!
i am sure bingo in Great Sommerford is VERY refined!