Monday, 5 September 2011

that boat has sailed....

Well, there we are.  That was that.  The summer is now officially over.  No more late mornings.  No more pyjama lunches.  No more dressing gown trips to let the chickens out.  It's go, go, go from now on. 

Today is the first time everyone has tried to wash within the same hour period.  Needless to say I am still in my pyjamas waiting for the opportunity to have a quick splash before walking E to school.  I was hoping to kick start my exercise by taking that walk a little further but there are ominous looking clouds gathering outside and the early morning sunshine has evaporated.

To celebrate the end of the summer holiday, I'm off for a pedicure this morning at a new local salon, Perfection.I like to live in hope.  They offer a special Monday deal where if you spend £25 on a treatment you can have an eyebrow shape and lash dye for free.  Bargainaroso me thinks.

Tomorrow is haircut day.  I have neglected to pop a bottle on my lovely locks over the summer and I'm growing out my layers so am looking a little Wurzel-like and have had to resort to wearing E's hairband to keep said locks out of my face.  Very attractive - not. 

I've now realised that there are probably only 4 more summer holidays left when both J & E will be at home.  How sad is that?  Attention must be paid.


hausfrau said...

On that basis we may only have one - but nextdoor's student joins any holiday her parents are prepared to take her on! Does that provide hope or merely pound signs?

Only Me said...

Another holiday over, a definite Autumnal air and back to the ol' routine. I do love the summer hols - definitely need to make the most of them, with the possibility so few left.

marigold jam said...

Hope the pedicure and haircut went well and that you feel good for your pampering. I am off to get my hair cut tomorrow but sadly no pedicure bargains noticed round here! Thanks for your comment on my blog - that book is available here: which seems to be cheaper than on Amazon.