Friday, 26 August 2011

things I don't understand....

global economics
the 'cloud'
why facebook matters
why green beans eaten in France taste so good
why thinking is much easier than doing
how microwaves work
what that funny green stripe down the left hand side of the TV is
why I can hear a funny electrical sounding noise when I go to bed
why dust collects so densely under every piece of furniture in the house
why biscuits taste nicer than bananas
the point of Lee Nelson (I know I'm middle-aged but is he funny?)
why fingernails grow faster than toenails


marigold jam said...

Why are cup cakes, bunting and Cath Kidson considered so fabulous, why people seem to need to be on their mobiles all the time, why slugs love delphininums so much that I have never yet managed to grow any, why there are wars all the time, why it always rains when the windows have just been cleaned...... Life is a complete mystery isn't it?! Loved this post.

Jo said...

I'd love to know why Facebook matters too. I've never succumbed to either Facebook or Twitter, I spend enough time blog hopping, but my kids are rarely off there.

hausfrau said...

Afraid I can't help... and I don't know who Lee Nelson is.

Only Me said...

I still don't understand how a fax works.....

Fran said...

I am so thoroughly sick of green beans as we've been eating them every single day, having had a glut from the husband's allotment. Do you mean if I pop over via the Channel Tunnel and eat some in France I will change my grumpy attitude towards them?

Lou said...

...and baguettes in France... what's that about?

I think I love you.. xx