Thursday, 25 August 2011


school shoes x 2 pairs
school sweatshirts x 2
school polo shirts x 2
school trousers x 1
school skirt x 1
school tights x 3
dentist (this morning)

The holidays are nearly over.  J goes back a week today, E goes back on 5th and I go back on 19th although I'll be popping into college once the kids are back to school to the library and to catch up on the summer art magazines.  I might need a new pencil sharpener.

I've been feeling deeply guilty every morning as The Worker gets ready for an early start and a drive to sunny Essex or Milton Keynes and I flail about in bed somewhere between dreaming and dozing.  He got home at 10pm last night and left at 7am this morning.  He seems to be perfectly fine with it but I am finding it tricky to justify my existence when all I seem to achieve during the day is a cursory loo clean or a little perfunctory dusting.

Must. Try. Harder.


Gill said...

I think the list above more than justifies your existence. Good luck at the dentist. Hope you get off more lightly than I did last week.

marigold jam said...

I remember that feeling form years ago but I think that we do actually do more that we think and just because you don't get up and go to work all day long doesn't mean you are not doing a good job caring for the children, arranging appointments, keeping the house going and no doubt providing meals and clean clothes too?! Enjoy your time in bed - your job is a 24/7 one with no salary.

Only Me said...

A complete list - I think I'd better do a uniform check for my two - oops could be rushing round next week.

hausfrau said...

Luckily Eldest no longer wears uniform, but, like Only Me, I will be running around next week looking for shoes and trousers that Youngest considers suitable.
All mine return on the 1st. Don't know what I'll do, but I'm sure I'll think of something!