Wednesday, 27 July 2011

things gone by...

suitcases without wheels
travellers' cheques
handwritten correspondence between friends
photo albums
video cassettes
fish and chips in newspaper
proper, printed tickets
50p cups of coffee
library tickets
school ties (almost)


marigold jam said...

Fifty pence coffees?! Why that's 10 shillings I am thinking of prices in old pennies and speaking of which 1d toilet fees not 50p as I paid recently at Hammersmith bus station!! Nostalgia is interesting isn't it? I was only thinking about hand written letters the other day as opposed to e-mails.

Only Me said...

A great photo, and a great trip down memory lane.
... cinema usherettes and little tubs of ice cream ...

I'm Crayon said...

Wonderful list! I miss telephones that you just plug in and they work, the due date stamped in the back of library books, and those old soft drink coolers that you had to lift the lid and reach down into to choose your drink.

hausfrau said...

Proper letters are a real treat on the rare occasions they turn up - the nearest equivalent seems to be the Christmas family round-up.
I found an old diary recently bemoaning the price of mars bars: 7pence... Ha!