Wednesday, 6 July 2011

the tart, the brownie, the scone and the secret cheese nibbling

These are the things that have scuppered my weight loss attempts this week.  They didn't do it by themselves.  I helped them by deciding to consume them.  I hang my head in slimming group shame.  No loss this week.  Our group lost 53lbs between them over the last seven days and not one of those lbs belonged to me.  Hey ho.  I thought I was doing quite well but apparently not. 

I've had a lovely time though.  The tart (lemon) and the brownie (chocolate) were made by J and E, respectively.  I couldn't possibly refuse a piece of each (both on Sunday, the first with custard).  It would have been maternally cruel to say no.  How can anyone resist anything cooked by their offspring?

We'd also had a school-made sausage casserole during the week and very tasty it was too after I'd fished out the anaemic looking sausages and browned them under the grill before putting them back in the yummy sauce and underneath the cheesy scone-y topping (conveniently omitted from my food diary).  Would anyone else casserole sausages without grilling/browning them beforehand?  I'm sure they were cooked through, they just didn't look it.

Having been at this slimming group lark for a few weeks there are a few things that I understand more fully:

- writing a food diary can be a delight of fiction

- having a bath before a weigh-in can add pounds

- Tilda ping rice is one of the greatest inventions known to dieting women (although not this week for me)

- quark is not the strangulated call of a mallard duck

- you can still put on weight if you eat standing up

- peanuts are the creation of demons

- wine should only be consumed when food is far away, otherwise weight loss armageddon is unleashed

- some very small people want to lose weight

- I do feel much better having ditched my cheese on toast followed by kitkat lunch habit

No more weight loss posts for a while.  Rest assured.  Time for a cup of coffee and a Mullerlight yoghurt.


marigold jam said...

It's not easy is it?!! I thinkthe only answer is a desert island with only just enough food to keep body and soul together for a few weeks to giv one's taste buds chance to change from wanting sweet or fatty things and to desire crisp fresh vgs and frut instead. One can live in hope!

Only Me said...

Peanuts are the creation of demons but they are VERY moreish - having had to go through 'cold turkey' to get off the chocolate, we eat far too many peanuts - I don't think I'd cope with peanut 'cold turkey'.

hausfrau said...

I hadn't realised that about eating standing up.. and knowing about the demons probably won't help re peanuts unless I actually stop buying them.. Chips and cake for supper I think: it's the weekend!

Sue Gee said...

Never hang your head in shame for enjoying a chocolate brownie! Life is just too short. If you placed a tomato and a chocolate brownie in front of me - I would choose the brownie every time.If you put a tomato and an anaemic sausage in front of me - I would choose the chocolate brownie......Off to look for a chocolate brownie for breakfast!