Friday, 29 July 2011


I am a collector of random, unrelated, inconsequential stuff.  My badge collection has been increased five-fold by the lucky acquisition of a bag of 70s classics from the Oxfam shop recently.  I'll take another photo one day.

I have several burgeoning collections which include:

orange vases (5)

soup bowls with handles (various)

tea sets for the day I have a lovely shed or caravan in the garden

yarn (obvious)

5 perfect Nat West Wade pigs (thanks Nan)

fabric (see below)

I also have collections of items that belonged to other people but have found their way to me.  These include embroidery threads, sewing boxes, stamps, coins and photographs.

I saw Edmund de Waal talk about his fascinating book 'The Hare with Amber Eyes' last week.   I've just started the book and I can see that I have similar feelings about collections and objects although I recognise that the things I call mine spring from a different source, from ordinariness and day to dayness. He talks of how passing on collections and objects creates a story. 

Sometimes I dream of clutter-free living but I know that I would find it impossible.  I hear that we should simplify, rationalise and clear our surfaces and I see evidence of clean lines and white walls in almost every interiors magazine I come across.   I try sometimes to make a clean sweep and clear away unnecessary distractions but I like them and I like them in teetering, towering piles.


hausfrau said...

Like you I have day to day collections, and none of them are fit to photograph - even my fabric is stuffed into boxes, drawers and shelves and heaped on the floor and not at all beautiful!
I listened to the 'Amber' book as a book of the week on Radio 4 and it was fascinating.

Only Me said...

Clutter free isn't natural and I think different collections and belongings are all part of a person. I seem to have plenty of piles too!