Tuesday, 26 July 2011

simply divine inspiration

I went to Port Eliot Literary Festival at the weekend.  It was my fourth time and third time with my friend K who's sister K lives in St. Germans.  It was my first time travelling on the train and first time in a B&B instead of a field.  We had a fantastic time and a fantastic time in so many ways - every moment was quite unlike the last. 

I saw Christopher Biggins (panto man), Tim Smit (Eden man), Dan Pearson (garden man), Louise Wilson (fashion MA woman), Nicky Haslam (dandy man), Emma Kennedy (hilarious woman), Patrick Barkham  (butterfly man) and Edmund de Waal (favourite ceramicist and writer man) speak about their work and their books.  There were more but I can't make any more links.

I saw Bellowhead, Louis Eliot and The Secret Sisters play.  I missed British Sea Power (again) but sat at breakfast with my favourite band's lead singer's little brother.  I didn't tell him I've been smitten by Starsailor for years.  Too embarassing over the fried eggs.

I made an attempt at raving along to Jeremy Healy's set and stood mesmerised while Annie Nightingale mixed hers.  Her set was fantastic but she did, I'm afraid, look as if she couldn't master the knobs on an electric hob.

I knitted a sock with dovegreyreader and her agreeable friends for hours on Sunday (two late nights had taken their toll).

I ate delicious food and drank (mostly) delicious wine.

I sat and stared and listened and thought and dreamt and plotted and schemed.

It's amazing how you can feel refreshed after less than 10 hours sleep in 72.


Lu said...

sounds great - shall have to try it another year. Womad's next for me this coming weekend!

Sue Gee said...

Feeling very old as I didn't recognise any of the names in your blog - but isn't it just great to get away and feed your soul. Makes me think that I should take off with my camera sometime soon to feed mine!

Only Me said...

From Christopher Biggins to Edmund de Waal - it all sounds fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's revcheryl from Port Eliot, just to say I went back to reading the first year of your blog and had to identify with so much of what you had written. I've been trying to psych myself up to being 50 for months already, and I'm not even 49 yet. Plus thinking that if I don't shift the weight now it will never move. Loved the bits about your art course and tried not to feel jealous, I wish there were two of me so the other could fulfill my artistic ambitions. I love my work, but it does take more or less everything I have. I'll look forward to dropping in again.