Monday, 18 July 2011

harry potter and the mother of all movie marathons

I hate to think how many hours my offspring will spend this week revisiting HP and chums.  They are not amongst the first of the first cinema-goers to see the last film and I hope that their enjoyment isn't spoiled by detailed, overheard discussions of plots and endings.  They are, however, watching every single film, in order, to prepare themselves for their visit to Shaw Ridge this weekend.

It really is the end of an era and we will look back on the years we have lived with the books and the films quite fondly.  The Worker read all of them to J and, I think, some of them to E who is a little younger and more intersested in Lemony Snicket and Jacqueline (ho, hum, life is only interesting if it's depressing) Wilson.  I read the first one and then no more - there are too many books for me to read about other characters. 

We have all seen most of the films at the cinema although I have seen fewer and less of them than the rest of my family as I tend to fall asleep after the first twenty minutes and then wake up when the celebration dinner is in full swing five minutes before the end.  No-one minds.  I hope.

I am happy that I have given my children the gift of an appreciation of film.  I think it's very important to be able to sit in a cinema or on the sofa for at least two hours and be immersed in a story to the exclusion of the outside world and I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity we have as a family to sit with a bar of Fruit & Nut, beverages hot and cold and something resembling a movie to watch.

We've discovered the joys of Lovefilm too, and recordable telly.  As they stay up later and later, I need an alternative to Top Gear and cookery shows.


Only Me said...

As you know, only H is HP keen and we've very grateful to your Worker for offering to take her to the final film. Unfortunately D is VERY selective - Spinal Tap, Borat - all a bit dubious to me. K mostly enjoys them. I love films and cinema going apart from science fiction and fantasty - oh er,ooh NO not for me.

hausfrau said...

Each to his own: I love a series where I can find out more about characters I've grown to love, and all my family (even Husband, who reads very little fiction) have read all of HP, listened to all the Stephen Fry recordings and seen all the films, several times. Both excited and sad to reach The End on Saturday, though we're going to Greenbridge.